21st Annual Youth Meet

Team Scores

139.33B316Chino Hills
231.86B531South El Monte
331.8SeaCdtSeal Beach
431B568San Gabriel
630.44B349Los Angeles
728.33B555Huntington Beach
919.14G16471La Crescenta

Morning Classic Results

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White 12 (7)2.2 km 240 m10 C
140:54Evan and DaigoB555 Huntington Beach
250:09Owen and Cameron and NicholasB92 Northridge
31:06:05Christopher and NaicheB568 San Gabriel
41:18:19Austin and AndresB531 South El Monte
51:19:20Kevin and TonyB555 Huntington Beach
61:50:44Justin and DanielB531 South El Monte
71:57:56Vincent and DanielB568 San Gabriel
White 14 (16)2.2 km 240 m10 C
134:05Joshua and TylerB111 Arcadia
243:09Troy and MichaelB92 Northridge
344:30Brendon and Joshua and JoshuaB349 Los Angeles
447:21George and JoshuaB349 Los Angeles
557:01Evan and JoshuaB349 Los Angeles
61:06:22Olivia and SummerG16471 La Crescenta
71:06:24Bradley and BraydenB349 Los Angeles
81:07:19Dougla and RichardB531 South El Monte
91:07:25Annika and AudreyG16471 La Crescenta
101:32:12Elias and DavidB531 South El Monte
111:33:47Derek and PhillipB349 Los Angeles
mpAsanle and ZoeG16471 La Crescenta
dnfChristian and ChristopherB111 Arcadia
dnfAlex and AndrewB594 Rosemead
dnfEfrain and BrandonB111 Arcadia
dnfDeanna and CarolineG16471 La Crescenta
White Open (6)2.2 km 240 m10 C
125:11Tony and DanielSeaCdt Seal Beach
231:02Sean and TylerSeaCdt Seal Beach
31:03:19Hannah and KatherineSeaCdt Seal Beach
41:08:57Jeremy and BenjaminSeaCdt Seal Beach
51:26:06David and IanSeaCdt Seal Beach
disqMatthew and WesleyB568 San Gabriel
White Adult (5)2.2 km 240 m10 C
129:45Carl and KerenaB349 Los Angeles
246:16Jerry and VincentB349 Los Angeles
350:26Raghu and AnthonyB111 Arcadia
41:16:32Tawny and JoanB568 San Gabriel
51:31:46Elaine and LisaB594 Rosemead
Yellow 14 (6)3.0 km 480 m12 C
149:17Kylele and MatthewB349 Los Angeles
21:22:32Timothy and NathanB349 Los Angeles
31:36:02Ethan and WesleyB349 Los Angeles
41:41:05James and EvanB316 Chino Hills
51:47:17Kenneth and Esai and JustinB568 San Gabriel
dnfJonathan and AndyB349 Los Angeles
Yellow Youth (14)3.0 km 480 m12 C
11:17:28Steven and GabrielB594 Rosemead
21:21:43Kai and GenB555 Huntington Beach
31:30:33Church and TuckerB555 Huntington Beach
41:32:59Spencer and JacobB92 Northridge
51:40:48Matthew and BretB92 Northridge
61:51:21Kevin and VictorB303 Bellflower
71:57:06Marshall and JacobB333 South Pasadena
82:01:32Abraham and KyleB303 Bellflower
92:17:23Collin and WyattB303 Bellflower
disqOmar and Gregory and GabrielB303 Bellflower
dnfLourdes and KelsicG9022 Palmdale
dnfJo and EmilyG9022 Palmdale
dnfTaylor and ShaylaG9022 Palmdale
dnfKeithB303 Bellflower
Yellow Adult (5)3.0 km 480 m12 C
143:31Jared and MikeB316 Chino Hills
21:04:43John and JordanB92 Northridge
31:22:08Omie and Lary and ChristinaB333 South Pasadena
41:37:50Ali and SamB594 Rosemead
52:30:47AustinB568 San Gabriel
Orange Youth (5)3.5 km 580 m12 C
155:04Sean and MylesB316 Chino Hills
21:21:10Jonathon and EricB316 Chino Hills
31:39:23Emily and ViennaG353 San Gabriel
41:40:06Langdon and MichealB555 Huntington Beach
dnfJake and AugustB555 Huntington Beach
Orange Adult (4)3.5 km 580 m12 C
11:04:53BruceB2379 Canyon Country
21:05:52Ryan and PatrickB555 Huntington Beach
31:13:08Rob and BobB333 South Pasadena
dnfMario and PhilG9022 Palmdale

Afternoon ScoreO Results

White 12 (7)30 C 530 Pts1:00:00
1405Austin and AndresB531 South El Monte1:02:20420-15
2370Evan and DaigoB555 Huntington Beach52:12370
3335Justin and DanielB531 South El Monte51:22335
4280Christopher and NaicheB568 San Gabriel54:54280
5275Vincent and DanielB568 San Gabriel54:49275
6225Kevin and TonyB555 Huntington Beach1:01:35235-10
7190Owen and Cameron and NicholasB92 Northridge1:10:39275-85
White 14 (16)30 C 530 Pts1:00:00
1365Annika and AudreyG16471 La Crescenta53:54365
2330Brendon and Joshua and JoshuaB349 Los Angeles55:26330
3320Elias and DavidB531 South El Monte49:14320
4320Christian and ChristopherB111 Arcadia59:30320
5320George and JoshuaB349 Los Angeles1:01:00325-5
6305Bradley and BraydenB349 Los Angeles55:18305
7305Troy and MichaelB92 Northridge1:04:11330-25
8290Alex and AndrewB594 Rosemead45:59290
9290Evan and JoshuaB349 Los Angeles58:50290
10275Joshua and TylerB111 Arcadia58:23275
11230Derek and PhillipB349 Los Angeles58:38230
12165Deanna and CarolineG16471 La Crescenta59:39165
13130Efrain and BrandonB111 Arcadia49:01130
14115Olivia and SummerG16471 La Crescenta1:04:35140-25
1580Asanle and ZoeG16471 La Crescenta1:20:03265-185
dnsDougla and RichardB531 South El Monte
White Open (6)30 C 530 Pts1:00:00
1395Sean and TylerSeaCdt Seal Beach59:57395
2360Tony and DanielSeaCdt Seal Beach58:47360
3325Jeremy and BenjaminSeaCdt Seal Beach48:43325
4235Matthew and WesleyB568 San Gabriel46:24235
5160David and IanSeaCdt Seal Beach46:59160
6125Hannah and KatherineSeaCdt Seal Beach44:56125
White Adult (5)30 C 530 Pts1:00:00
1480Carl and KerenaB349 Los Angeles59:15480
2480Jerry and VincentB349 Los Angeles59:27480
3225Tawny and JoanB568 San Gabriel56:24225
4220Raghu and AnthonyB111 Arcadia54:23220
5200Elaine and LisaB594 Rosemead53:55200
Yellow 14 (6)30 C 530 Pts1:00:00
1490Timothy and NathanB349 Los Angeles1:00:07495-5
2490Kylele and MatthewB349 Los Angeles1:00:08495-5
3330Ethan and WesleyB349 Los Angeles57:19330
4315James and EvanB316 Chino Hills50:11315
5230Jonathan and AndyB349 Los Angeles58:35230
6140Kenneth and Esai and JustinB568 San Gabriel1:15:41275-135
Yellow Youth (13)30 C 530 Pts1:00:00
1390Steven and GabrielB594 Rosemead53:52390
2350Marshall and JacobB333 South Pasadena56:58350
3230Church and TuckerB555 Huntington Beach57:21230
4230Spencer and JacobB92 Northridge1:10:41315-85
5225Kai and GenB555 Huntington Beach49:48225
6190Matthew and BretB92 Northridge1:10:42275-85
7185Jo and EmilyG9022 Palmdale52:33185
8170Taylor and ShaylaG9022 Palmdale55:12170
9115Lourdes and KelsicG9022 Palmdale47:20115
dnsCollin and WyattB303 Bellflower
dnsAbraham and KyleB303 Bellflower
dnsKevin and VictorB303 Bellflower
dnsKeithB303 Bellflower
Yellow Adult (5)30 C 530 Pts1:00:00
1440Jared and MikeB316 Chino Hills57:16440
2305John and JordanB92 Northridge56:20305
3305Ali and SamB594 Rosemead58:05305
4250Omie and Lary and ChristinaB333 South Pasadena1:00:42255-5
dnsAustinB568 San Gabriel
Orange Youth (5)30 C 530 Pts1:00:00
1530Sean and MylesB316 Chino Hills57:53530
2465Langdon and MichealB555 Huntington Beach51:17465
3465Jonathon and EricB316 Chino Hills58:18465
4230Jake and AugustB555 Huntington Beach56:50230
dnsEmily and ViennaG353 San Gabriel
Orange Adult (4)30 C 530 Pts1:00:00
1495Ryan and PatrickB555 Huntington Beach1:02:44510-15
2395Rob and BobB333 South Pasadena1:02:31410-15
dnsBruceB2379 Canyon Country
dnsMario and PhilG9022 Palmdale

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