4th Annual Griffith Park Navigation Challenge

Thanks to all who came out for our Griffith Park event. While some controls were a little hidden by brush and/or not quite in the center of the circle, all controls were successfully punched during the event and retrieved at the end of the event. If you reported a control missing you did not receive points for the control. Huge thanks to all the volunteers, especially those who hiked around so I wouldn't have to put in so many miles.

The most visited control, not surprisingly, (29 visits) was 102. Very few people missed the opportunity to pick up 100 points so close to the start. The least visited control was 52 (4 visits).

Detailed results spreadsheet

Volunteer Crew:
Meet Director/Course Planner: Clare Durand
Assistant Course Setter: Chris Cassone
Control Hanging: Gary Dolgin, Clare Durand, Allan Pincus, Kim Pincus, Scott Schmitz
Beginner Instruction: Gary Dolgin, Clare Durand
Preregistration: Allan Pincus
On site registration: Jossalyn Emslie
Control Pickup: Zeve Akerling, Clare Durand, Zumba Crew

11GuillameCalmettesLAOCMale Open2090-5320374:00:53
22Saltstick.comNoneMale open2200-25519454:04:15
33AndrewTomlinLAOCMale open185018503:59:45
44TaylorMcClanahanLAOCMale Open167016703:34:20
55AlexanderKuzminNoneMale open165016503:57:35
61JohnKuechleLAOCMale Masters148014803:55:28
72ManuelAyalaNoneMale Masters147014703:52:43
81T and JNoneCoed Team139013903:49:55
Searching for Catan
LAOCCoed Team132013203:57:57
103Abel & KimNoneCoed Team129012903:58:32
116LorenzoRossiNoneMale Open113011303:44:22
123SteveTischlerLAOCMale Masters112011203:19:43
131TheEuropeansNoneFemale Open104010403:49:27
141CherryIpNoneFemale Masters9909903:51:15
152AnastasiiaShalamovaNoneFemale open8408402:56:36
164MorehottaNoneCoed Team7207203:29:59
174Sage (Ed)ThompsonLAOCMale Masters7007003:49:07
187ZeveAkerlingAOCMale open670-86624:00:08
191Trojan 2NoneCoed Juniors6606603:40:58
205ScottCobleLAOCMale Masters6306303:14:13
Santiago JROTC #3
NoneCoed Juniors6306303:42:45
Santiago JROTC #1
NoneMale Junior5605603:23:21
231The MetzlersNoneMixed Age5105102:18:21
242SusanTischlerLAOCFemale Masters4604602:36:59
253Trojan 1NoneCoed Juniors4404403:49:38
253Trojan 3NoneCoed Juniors4404403:49:38
Santiago JROTC #2
NoneMale Junior4104103:07:35
285Mighty RaptorsNoneCoed Team4104103:09:48
293NancyKuechleLAOCFemale Masters1801803:22:33
Joe and Logan
RosalesLAOCMixed Age1401401:12:00
313TeamGrandpaQOCMixed Age1201203:55:42
326LeoLinNoneMale Masters580-650-704:10:50
334jossalynemslieLAOCFemale Masters680-1320-6404:22:00
OTWayneCottrellNoneMale Masters
no card turned in
OTTeamHillman and KaplanNoneMale Masters
no card turned in
OTZumba CrewNoneFemale Open
no card turned in
DQTeamDustbunniesLAOCMixed Age630DQDQ4:20:03
DQSleepy StalkersLAOCCoed Team770DQDQ4:21:22

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