Annual Youth Meet

Team Scores    
36.25Huntington BeachBSA 555
32.00FullertonBSA 292
31.00TustinCrew 33
30.80La CanadaBSA 509
30.40West CovinaMt SAC ECA
30.50Edwards AFBDesert AFJROTC
28.45FullertonBSA 793
26.83La HabraBSA 1814
26.50NorthridgeBSA 92
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White 12 (12)  2.1 km 0 m  10 C
124:47Kaitlyn and KalistaMBSA 793 Fullerton
229:14Max and BrandonMBSA 509 La Canada
331:09Oliver and NoahMBSA 509 La Canada
434:47Cameron and ColeMBSA 292 Fullerton
538:09Viren, Eli and GabrielMBSA 92 Northridge
645:37Rebecca, Elizabth and EmilyMBSA 793 Fullerton
749:37Jqoquin and FinnMBSA 292 Fullerton
857:45Preston and JoshMBSA 555 Huntington Beach
91:12:05Justin and GracieMBSA 793 Fullerton
101:14:27Zach and DavidMBSA 1814 La Habra
dnfNeil and NicholsMBSA 509 La Canada
dnfDiego and JacobMBSA 1814 La Habra
White 14 (10)  2.1 km 0 m  10 C
127:06Luca and JohnMBSA 509 La Canada
227:24Riley and NoahMBSA 788B Redondo Beach
327:54Dylan, James and MilesMBSA 292 Fullerton
429:20Rishi and PeterMBSA 788B Redondo Beach
537:32Kierstin and RyanMDesert AFJROTC Edwards AFB
637:40Sara and SammieMGSUSA 7224 Yorba Linda
743:15Angela and AnaMGSUSA 7224 Yorba Linda
858:12Jacqueline and MakaylaMBSA 793 Fullerton
958:16Marcus and MiguelMBSA 92 Northridge
101:01:48Luke and SamMBSA 509 La Canada
White Open (8)  2.1 km 0 m  10 C
121:14Michael, William and AidenMBSA 555 Huntington Beach
233:18Sebastian and NathanielMMt SAC ECA West Covina
334:00Kelen and SierraMMt SAC ECA West Covina
434:23Veronica and GonzaloMHawthorne NJROTC Hawthorne
535:02Gianna and ZoeMMt SAC ECA West Covina
641:23Lauren, Yaretzi and SydneyMMt SAC ECA West Covina
745:57Leslie and DaraMMt SAC ECA West Covina
mpAlistair, Alex and MaxMBSA 359 San Marino
White Adult (2)  2.1 km 0 m  10 C
135:15Keneth and SteveMBSA 359 San Marino
248:27Ann and HakeemMBSA 92 Northridge
Yellow 14 (7)  3.0 km 0 m  12 C
11:28:25Isaiah, Elroy and NathanMBSA 1814 La Habra
21:41:29Nathan and MikeMBSA 555 Huntington Beach
31:45:23Vinny and CarsonMBSA 555 Huntington Beach
41:46:29Zach and MaverickMLone Scouts Los Angeles
52:01:03lauren and HannahMBSA 793 Fullerton
dnfShannon and KatherineMBSA 793 Fullerton
dnfSheldon and MatthewMBSA 92 Northridge
Yellow Youth (12)  3.0 km 0 m  12 C
11:08:58Brady and ConnorMCrew 33 Tustin
21:22:04Nikshopiro and AgustinMDesert AFJROTC Edwards AFB
31:28:02Zayd and MarcusMBSA 292 Fullerton
41:29:53Tommy and JoshuaMBSA 359 San Marino
51:32:28Nicole and JosiasMDesert AFJROTC Edwards AFB
61:34:54Nick and PatrickMBSA 555 Huntington Beach
71:36:23Nicholas and PaulMBSA 92 Northridge
81:57:21Ben and BenMCrew 33 Tustin
92:02:05James and HowardMBSA 359 San Marino
dnfLuke and JoshMCrew 33 Tustin
dnfJeff, Eliott and SherwinMLaguna Beach HS Laguna Beach
dnfJustin and CalebMDesert AFJROTC Edwards AFB
Yellow Adult (6)  3.0 km 0 m  12 C
156:18Dave and DeanMBSA 555 Huntington Beach
21:05:43RussellMDesert AFJROTC Edwards AFB
31:22:58Matt and GarrettMCrew 33 Tustin
41:24:57Bill and SteveMBSA 292 Fullerton
51:36:14Todd and ShawnMBSA 1814 La Habra
61:41:36Matt, Raj and JordanMBSA 92 Northridge
Orange Youth (7)  3.9 km 0 m  11 C
11:08:17Ryan and ChristopherMBSA 555 Huntington Beach
21:28:39Dakota and ParkerMBSA 555 Huntington Beach
31:31:23Troy and BrownMBSA 92 Northridge
41:43:04Brett and KennethMBSA 555 Huntington Beach
51:47:28Cash and JasonMLone Scouts Los Angeles
62:02:25Sofia, Andrew and KentMHawthorne NJROTC Hawthorne
dnfJonagthan and RonMHawthorne NJROTC Hawthorne
Orange Adult (4)  3.9 km 0 m  11 C
155:44MichaelMDesert AFJROTC Edwards AFB
21:01:03Christian BowerMLAOC
31:06:16Jossalyn EmslieFLAOC
41:26:00Micheal and PatrickMBSA 555 Huntington Beach
White 12 (12)  28 C 930 Pts  1:00:00
1350Oliver and NoahBSA 509 La Canada52:39350
2310Kaitlyn and KalistaBSA 793 Fullerton48:51310
3240Zach and DavidBSA 1814 La Habra55:00240
4160Neil and NicholsBSA 509 La Canada56:03160
5160Max and BrandonBSA 509 La Canada56:04160
6150Jqoquin and FinnBSA 292 Fullerton55:16150
7150Justin and GracieBSA 793 Fullerton1:00:04155-5
8115Preston and JoshBSA 555 Huntington Beach1:16:18260-145
9100Cameron and ColeBSA 292 Fullerton54:07100
1080Diego and JacobBSA 1814 La Habra55:5680
1120Rebecca, Elizabth and EmilyBSA 793 Fullerton1:03:0140-20
120Viren, Eli and GabrielBSA 92 Northridge1:26:42220-245
White 14 (10)  28 C 930 Pts  1:00:00
1390Luca and JohnBSA 509 La Canada55:35390
2335Kierstin and RyanDesert AFJROTC Edwards AFB55:50335
3245Dylan, James and MilesBSA 292 Fullerton56:53245
4200Riley and NoahBSA 788B Redondo Beach55:34200
5175Jacqueline and MakaylaBSA 793 Fullerton54:06175
6150Marcus and MiguelBSA 92 Northridge1:05:38185-35
7110Rishi and PeterBSA 788B Redondo Beach55:32110
885Luke and SamBSA 509 La Canada1:03:45105-20
90Angela and AnaGSUSA 7224 Yorba Linda1:37:08230-230
100Sara and SammieGSUSA 7224 Yorba Linda1:37:12235-235
White Open (7)  28 C 930 Pts  1:00:00
1315Michael, William and AidenBSA 555 Huntington Beach53:21315
2295Sebastian and NathanielMt SAC ECA West Covina57:23295
3225Kelen and SierraMt SAC ECA West Covina47:35225
4170Alistair, Alex and MaxBSA 359 San Marino48:08170
5135Lauren, Yaretzi and SydneyMt SAC ECA West Covina1:00:31140-5
6115Gianna and ZoeMt SAC ECA West Covina51:38115
6115Leslie and DaraMt SAC ECA West Covina51:38115
White Adult (1)  28 C 930 Pts  1:00:00
1580Keneth and SteveBSA 359 San Marino1:00:38585-5
Yellow 14 (5)  28 C 930 Pts  1:00:00
1390Nathan and MikeBSA 555 Huntington Beach57:31390
2340Vinny and CarsonBSA 555 Huntington Beach1:02:59355-15
3215Lauren and HannahBSA 793 Fullerton46:34215
4215Isaiah, Elroy and NathanBSA 1814 La Habra58:36215
50Sheldon and MatthewBSA 92 Northridge1:26:44235-245
Yellow Youth (9)  28 C 930 Pts  1:00:00
1420Brady and ConnorCrew 33 Tustin55:46420
2385Ben and BenCrew 33 Tustin52:51385
3385Luke and JoshCrew 33 Tustin52:52385
4385Nikshopiro and AgustinDesert AFJROTC Edwards AFB58:11385
5335Justin and CalebDesert AFJROTC Edwards AFB55:41335
6335Nicole and JosiasDesert AFJROTC Edwards AFB55:44335
7205Nick and PatrickBSA 555 Huntington Beach45:28205
8140Zayd and MarcusBSA 292 Fullerton52:34140
965James and HowardBSA 359 San Marino51:5965
Yellow Adult (6)  28 C 930 Pts  1:00:00
1460Dave and DeanBSA 555 Huntington Beach59:19460
2400RussellDesert AFJROTC Edwards AFB1:14:56525-125
3300Todd and ShawnBSA 1814 La Habra58:30300
4250Matt and GarrettCrew 33 Tustin58:35250
5200Bill and SteveBSA 292 Fullerton48:12200
6180Matt, Raj and JordanBSA 92 Northridge1:27:56435-255
Orange Youth (3)  28 C 930 Pts  1:00:00
1545Brett and KennethBSA 555 Huntington Beach49:42545
2330Dakota and ParkerBSA 555 Huntington Beach1:05:00355-25
3110Ryan and ChristopherBSA 555 Huntington Beach57:43110
Orange Adult (2)  28 C 930 Pts  1:00:00
1605MichaelDesert AFJROTC Edwards AFB49:04605
2555Micheal and PatrickBSA 555 Huntington Beach1:03:42575-20

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