Area 11 NJROTC Champs - Bonelli Regional Park

Despite threats of rain earlier in the week, it ended up being a gorgeous day at Bonelli - albeit a bit muddy. The Area 11 NJROTC Champs attracted units from San Diego, Las Vegas, and Arizona, along with more local groups. Darren Robinson's courses were highly praised and gave everyone a good workout! Troy took away the big trophy for best overall scores of the day.

Thanks to all the volunteers who made the day run smoothly, most of whom just volunteered and did not run:
Event Director/NJROTC Scoring: Clare Durand
Registration: Clare Durand, Bruce Garbaccio
Beginner Instruction: Bruce Garbaccio
Course Setter: Darren Robinson
NJROTC Host Unit: Troy High School NJROTC
Online Preregistration: Allan Pincus
Starts: Joe and Amanda Vlietstra, Darren Robinson
Finish: Viktoriya Phillips, Troy Cadets
Epunch: Rich Hoesly
Control Pickup: Rich Hoesly, John Phillips, Darren Robinson, Troy NJROTC

Full NJROTC Champs Results
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Green (43)5.5 km 335 m15 C
11:00:14Alexander KipermanMLAOC
21:14:07Marc TriquellMLAOC
31:25:14Jacob HookMLAOCEldorado Varsity
41:26:13Andrew TomlinMnone
51:26:19John PhillipsMLAOCTroy Varsity
61:27:04Nicholas HeMLAOCTroy Varsity
71:37:44Jacob JankowskiMnoneCentennial Varsity
81:39:39Kainoa PotterMnoneCoronado Varsity
91:54:55Angel Ramos-LopezMLAOCEldorado Varsity
101:57:05Nicholas BungcayaoMnonePacifica Varsity
111:59:17Sean OnoMLAOCTroy Varsity
122:05:00Ronny SandvickMSDO
132:05:01Eugene KipermanMLAOC
142:08:18Aaron BurrisMnonePoint Loma Varsity
152:08:25Michael GuerraMLAOCTroy Varsity
162:11:38Alain Zelim-VegaMLAOCEldorado Varsity
172:14:51Bryan UripMnonePacifica Varsity
182:15:06Gabriel PlattMnonePatrick Henry Varsit
192:17:10Chris BennettMGPHXOSahuarita Varsity
202:17:26Brendan RasmussenMnonePoint Loma Varsity
212:25:43Ryan MusialMnonePoint Loma Varsity
222:35:51Johnny HaysMnonePatrick Henry Varsit
232:37:02Dominic BuluranMnoneECR Varsity
242:40:38Kieran BurlesonMnoneChaparral Varsity
252:42:26Marlo ManuelMnoneCoronado Varsity
262:44:48Andrew GordonMnonePatrick Henry Varsit
272:45:32Sean CaulfieldMnonePoint Loma Varsity
282:49:17Alfred SolimanMnoneCentennial Varsity
292:58:45Andre NguyenMnonePacifica Varsity
otIsaac AllredMGPHXOSahuarita Varsity
otCaleb HuangMnonePacifica Varsity
otAngel AvalosMnoneECR Varsity
dnfJoseph SaucedoMLAOCEldorado Varsity
dnfLuis CarapiaMLAOCSanta Ana Varsity
dnfBenjamin WildeMnonePatrick Henry Varsit
dnfYi BrandonMnoneChaparral Varsity
dnfJoseph AlvaradoMLAOCSanta Ana Varsity
dnfLogan DuffyMnoneChaparral Varsity
dnfHarith FakhouryMnoneChaparral Varsity
dnfConnor McCrillisMnoneCoronado Varsity
dnfAaron SmithMnoneChaparral Varsity
dnfIan GoldenbergMnoneECR Varsity
dnfKyle ParontoMnoneCentennial Varsity
Brown (14)3.9 km 250 m10 C
11:10:44Todd HookMLAOCEldorado Inst
21:28:34Angel CardFnoneCentennial Varsity
31:32:07Bruce GarbaccioMLAOC
41:45:47Alicen BarneyFGPHXOSahuarita Varsity
51:57:16Casandra ZamudioFLAOCEldorado Varsity
62:01:15Claudia ComptonFnonePoint Loma Varsity
72:24:00Alyssa AyanFnoneCoronado Varsity
82:31:13Scott CobleMLAOC
otJohn PhillipsMLAOC
dnfJessica MoralesFLAOCSanta Ana Varsity
dnfChloe JankowskiFnoneCentennial Varsity
dnfSofia BarazzaFnoneCoronado Varsity
dnfWendy TranFnonePacifica Varsity
dnfJaimie NgFLAOCTroy Varsity
Orange (56)3.9 km 100 m10 C
153:17Jeffrey YouFLAOCTroy JV 2
257:33Damon LeeMLAOCTroy JV 2
358:06Jana MazzareseFLAOC
459:03Jonah YiMLAOCTroy JV 1
51:04:47Jeffrey ChanMLAOCTroy JV 2
61:05:20Junha KimMLAOCTroy JV 1
71:09:59Noah HagerMLAOCTroy JV 2
81:10:34Viet TranMLAOCTroy JV 1
91:11:31Alexis CarreonFGPHXOSahuarita JV
101:13:00Joey CollonMnonePoint Loma JV
111:14:27Sergio DelgadoMLAOCEldorado JV A
121:15:52Sushovan PyneMLAOCTroy JV 1
131:15:58Grace LeeFLAOCTroy JV 1
141:18:37Ryan NguyenMLAOCTroy JV 2
151:19:28Thomas BuiMnonePacifica JV
161:24:38Blake ThompsonMGPHXOSahuarita JV
171:28:23Erik IbarraMLAOCEldorado JV A
181:33:46Zachary DurbinMnonePoint Loma JV
191:44:12Orlando BrizuelaMLAOCEldorado JV A
201:44:42Gabriel RojasMLAOCEldorado JV B
211:45:49Chris HongMnonePacifica JV
221:45:52Bob JohnsonMLAOC
231:46:44Micah PritchardMnoneChaparral JV
241:46:58Yuliza InfanteFLAOCEldorado JV A
251:47:30Spencer McIntyreMnoneChaparral JV
261:48:07Christopher MohrMnoneCentennial JV
271:50:23Kelly MurrayFnoneCoronado JV
281:52:15Aidan MasinsinMLAOCTroy JV 3
291:52:52Michael HernandezMnoneECR JV
301:56:09Dean DangMnonePacifica JV
311:59:04Caleb ForehandMGPHXOSahuarita JV
322:00:47Anna HochbruecknerFnonePoint Loma JV
332:03:37Austin YanotiMnoneCentennial JV
342:04:46Brian HallMLAOCTroy JV 3
352:14:41Jiskco AlvarezMnoneChaparral JV
362:20:27Gisell DatorFnoneECR JV
372:24:09Geraldo RamirezMLAOCEldorado JV B
382:30:27Bryanna HallFnonePoint Loma JV
392:51:05Collin ArcherMnoneCoronado JV
otFrancesca DeroseFnoneCentennial JV
mpAnthony PradoMLAOCSanta Ana JV
dnfIssac RamirezMnonePacifica JV
dnfTony GomezMLAOCSanta Ana JV
dnfFrancisco PallanesMLAOCEldorado JV A
dnfErin SheppardFLAOC
dnfIan HarperMLAOC
dnfAylin RadillaFLAOCSanta Ana JV
dnfDavid MembrenoMLAOCSanta Ana JV
dnfEsmerelda MondragonFLAOCSanta Ana JV
dnfAnthony MejiaMLAOCEldorado JV B
dnfJoelyn WeathersFnoneCentennial JV
dnfMary Klaire JamandreFnonePacifica JV
dnfGabriel EvansMnoneECR JV
dnfAlyssa BuluranFnoneCoronado JV
dnfErica SpicerMnoneCoronado JV
dnfEthan MelbyMnonePoint Loma JV
Orange Teams (2)3.9 km 100 m10 C
11:33:05Amendolas Amaended (2)MLAOC
22:14:52The wonderfully lostMLAOC
Yellow (28)2.6 km 45 m11 C
122:06Alex BowmanMLAOCTroy Frosh 1
223:41Nicholas BowmanMnone
326:00Andy WangMLAOCTroy Frosh 1
426:48Timothy KimMLAOCTroy Frosh 1
527:46Nathan ParkMLAOCTroy Frosh 2
629:12Adwit AggarwalMLAOCTroy Frosh 2
730:37Kyle LinMLAOCTroy Frosh 2
830:44Evan TanMLAOCTroy Frosh 2
931:20Esmeralda SalcidoFnonePacifica Frosh
1031:25Kevin LeMnonePacifica
1131:29Ryan Lee-NguyenMLAOCTroy Frosh 1
1232:13James WoffordMLAOCTroy Frosh 1
1332:17Tristan DominguezMLAOCTroy Frosh 3
1434:41Daniel ChungMnonePacifica Frosh
1534:46Alex HeMLAOCGoddard MS
1635:31Nathaniel BuenaventuraMLAOCTroy Frosh 3
1738:06Nam NguyenMLAOCTroy Frosh 2
1839:42Katelyn QuinnFnonePacifica Frosh
1942:09David AlcantaraMLAOCTroy JV 3
2048:25Vincent NguyenMnonePacifica
2156:04Jim BromleyMnone
2257:12Jeanie NguyenFnonePacifica Frosh
2359:18Matthew ShaoMnoneTroy Frosh 3
241:03:03Nitza BrandFnone
dnfMatthew ReardonMnonePacifica Frosh
dnfAndrew HuynhMnonePacifica
dnfBritton DedmonFnonePacifica Frosh
dnfJesus ZambranoMLAOCSanta Ana Frosh
Yellow Teams (5)2.6 km 45 m11 C
133:15Santa Ana Team 5MLAOCSanta Ana
241:23Think Blue (2)Mnone
349:40Team NoviceMnone
451:53Amendolas AmendedMLAOC
559:04Kopylovy (2)Mnone
White (6)2.1 km 20 m10 C
120:09Nikita PhillipsMLAOCPack 1218
222:51David MazzareseMLAOC
329:16Brett HelblingMnone
429:18Nicholas RussellMnone
532:48Collin PriceMnone
632:49Travis NeumanMnone
White Teams (3)2.1 km 20 m10 C
124:15Think BlueFnone

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