Barton Flats

July 24, 2016

Barton Flats is on! Thanks to Alex Kiperman for stepping up to set courses. Last year's Lake Fire impacted this map, so some portions of the map are closed to use.

Fire notes
First the bad, due to the fire the southeastern part of the map is out of bounds this year (about 33% of the whole map). So during the event stay out of this massive out of bounds area. The good side is that I could barely tell that there was any fire there besides some of the trees having charred bases so it seems like the area has recovered very well.

Course Setter Notes (lots of random info):
There are four courses this year: Beginner (80% Yellow/20% White), Intermediate (Orange), Short Advanced (More Brown than Green), and Long Advanced (Red).
The start and finish is right next to the parking lot.
The parking lot is usually crowded with hikers, but this year because of the fire the main hiking trail is closed and I have never seen more than 5 cars in this lot, so there should be plenty of space. Adventure Pass required, I recommend bringing one with you. We have passes for those who pre-ordered when pre-registering.

Beginner Course:
If you would like a nice scenic orienteering I highly recommend the Beginner course as it will take you around the lake. This course is 80% Yellow and 20% White. Due to the fire our previous Beginner course areas are unavailable and the one place left was not suitable for white so I chose to just have one Beginner course. The good side is that this area should be better and more scenic.

Intermediate/ShortAdvanced/LongAdvanced Courses
Terrain Notes: Barton Flats is mostly open forest with sparse rocks and vegetation. There is a decent amount of foxtail (not the worst I've seen, but annoying). During course setting I noticed a few places where trails were changed or added. I modified most of these but could have missed something, especially if you go a route I didn't expect. The main road running through the map is Jenks Lake Road, it is not a busy road, but it is narrow, and people drive fast there sometimes, so be careful if you choose this as part of your route.
Camps: There are a few camps (Boyscout or similar style camps). Every time I passed these camps they were full of kids. These are not marked out of bounds but the courses were designed such that the main route usually doesn't take you through the middle of the camps. Yes the blue water on the map in the camps are pools, no you can't jump in.
Weather: It should be between 80-85F with a nice breeze on the morning of the event.

Course Distance Climb Controls
Beginner 2.4km 40m 11
Intermediate 4.1km 125m 13
Short Advanced 4.7km 125m 13
Long Advanced 7.3km 190m 17


Barton Flats, South Fork Trailhead Parking Lot

Sunday, July 24
9:30 am - 12:00 pmClassic courses: Registration
10:00 am - 12:00 pmClassic courses: Orienteering
Meet Director:Clare Durand
Course Setter:Alex Kiperman
Location Details

Barton Flats
South Fork Trailhead Parking Lot
Google Map

From Redlands, take Hwy 38 up into the mountains. About 5.5 miles past Angelus Oaks, turn right onto Jenks Lake Road. Continue on Jenks Lake Road for 2.2 miles. The parking lot entrance will be on the left. Parking is limited.

An Adventure Pass is required to park in this lot. Day-Use, Annual, and Senior Passes may be purchased at ranger stations and many sporting outlets.
Course Details
Courses: Point-to-Point
Preregistration is now closed. Day of event registration will be available on site. CURRENT REGISTRANTS

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