Barton Flats

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Red (5)6.2 km 220 m14 C
11:21:57Anders PlymothSDORed
21:28:19Luigi PerottiLAOCRed
31:45:00Eugene KipermanLAOCRed
41:52:01Michael LoecherLAOCRed
52:43:51Daniel BalzaninoneRed
Red Teams (2)6.2 km 220 m14 C
12:04:21A Pace OdysseyLAOCRed
22:09:30Off In The WoodsLAOCRed
Green (16)5.0 km 170 m11 C
159:14Jacob HookLAOCGreen
21:03:27Jacob JankowskinoneGreen
31:05:11Mike ChinLAOCGreen
41:05:17Haifan DaySDOGreen
51:16:51Chris DaySDOGreen
61:20:55Maddie EmslieLAOCGreen
71:21:16Joseph SaucedoLAOCGreen
81:21:27John Phillips VLAOCGreen
91:22:49Angel Ramos-LopezLAOCGreen
101:23:09Clare DurandLAOCGreen
111:24:29Alain Zelim-VegaLAOCGreen
121:25:26Bruce GarbaccioLAOCGreen
131:28:29Allan PincusLAOCGreen
141:29:55Todd HookLAOCGreen
151:53:31Kim PincusLAOCGreen
dnfHirotake KomatsunoneGreen
Brown (6)3.1 km 120 m7 C
11:08:36Casandra ZamudioLAOCBrown
21:15:53Angel CardnoneBrown
31:17:55John Phillips IVLAOCBrown
41:42:37Gabriela MerinoLAOCBrown
51:45:17Rich HoeslyLAOCBrown
62:03:08Patricia EliasonLAOCBrown
Orange (14)3.1 km 115 m11 C
158:57Sage (Ed) ThompsonLAOCOrange
21:00:46Jossalyn EmslieLAOCOrange
31:17:12Darren RobinsonLAOCOrange
41:27:45Austin YanotinoneOrange
51:29:48Chloe JankowskinoneOrange
61:30:20Alfred SolimannoneOrange
71:33:10Kyle ParontononeOrange
81:35:46Christopher MohrnoneOrange
91:39:12Hand RegannoneOrange
101:41:44Francesca DerosenoneOrange
112:18:40Suzanne LylenoneOrange
dnfAlaniz MartinezLAOCOrange
dnfYuliza InfanteLAOCOrange
dnfJoelyn WeathersnoneOrange
Orange Teams (1)3.1 km 115 m11 C
Yellow (3)2.4 km 65 m9 C
11:01:30Ken MillernoneYellow
21:05:27Theresa HuangLAOCYellow
31:42:52Francisco PallanesLAOCYellow
Yellow Teams (1)2.4 km 65 m9 C
11:25:28Leaf Im a UNICORNnoneYellow
White (2)2.3 km 60 m10 C
137:09Orlando BrizuelanoneWhite
240:27Nikita PhillipsLAOCWhite
White Teams (2)2.3 km 60 m10 C
11:10:55The CartersnoneWhite
dnfPlymoth RocksSDOWhite

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LAOC is a volunteer-run club promoting map navigation and enjoyment of the outdoors. Learn more here!

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