Bonelli Regional Park

Our return to Bonelli was highly successful! The weather was nice, although a little windy, and the course gave everyone a good look at the park. While the vegetation is thick and sticky, there is opportunity to improve the map with additional trails for future use. Both Marc Triquell and Alex Kiperman cleared the course, with Marc finishing five minutes faster for top honors.

Thanks to all the volunteers who made this event happen:
Meet Director/Registration: Clare Durand
Course Setter/Start/Finish: Darren Robinson
ePunch/Results: Rich Hoesly
Beginner Instruction: Bruce Corning
Online Preregistration: Allan Pincus
Control Pickup: Darren Robinson, Clare Durand, Brad Weyers, Rich Hoesly, Bruce Corning

1.5 Hour (23)24 C 670 Pts1:30:00
1670Marc TriquellLAOC1:20:18670
2670Alexander KipermanLAOC1:25:23670
3560Steven DurandLAOC1:25:29560
4505Steve TischlerLAOC1:27:08505
5480Richard DekanyLAOC1:27:42480
6430Edward ThompsonLAOC1:24:24430
7420John KuechleLAOC1:21:17420
8415Eugene KipermanLAOC1:24:24415
9410Brad WeyersLAOC1:29:44410
10390Allan PincusLAOC1:23:35390
11385John Phillips VLAOC1:51:11580-195
12290Karen SimonLAOC1:26:43290
13280Greg BarnesCOC1:25:50280
14240Bruce CorningLAOC1:17:12240
15240Christopher Pereznone1:33:33260-20
16240Chris Pereznone1:33:51260-20
17225Ville MaanpaaLAOC1:32:32240-15
18220Susan TischlerLAOC1:17:46220
19150Nancy KuechleLAOC1:21:14150
20135Ryan DekanyLAOC1:01:06135
2185Alex HeLAOC1:05:0085
2260Manuel Gimenez IIILAOC1:30:3365-5
2350Manuel Gimenez Jr.LAOC1:32:0465-15
1.5 Hour Teams (7)24 C 670 Pts1:30:00
1340Kim and AllisonLAOC1:22:42340
2325Hawthorne Rednone1:33:22345-20
4260Troop 888 Flaming Eaglesnone1:35:08295-35
5135Hawthorne Yellownone1:55:36370-235
650C and Bnone44:3650
ncBaruch FamilyLAOC

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Required Waiver

Minors attending without a parent must bring this required waiver filled out by their parent for each event or they will NOT be allowed to participate. Adults and parents with children may sign the waiver at the event.

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