Bonelli Regional Park - COOL Finals

Red (7)  6.3 km 370 m  16 C
11:41:22Alexander KipermanMLAOC
22:15:05Alex BowmanMLAOCTroy
32:35:16Anders PlymothMSDO
42:42:23Steve DurandMLAOC
53:24:56Matt SprengelMLAOC
dnfAbimael LopezMLAOC
dnfRichard DekanyMLAOC
Red Teams (2)  6.3 km 370 m  16 C
13:08:24Off In The WoodsMLAOC
23:11:29Buttered ToastMLAOC
Green (20)  5.5 km 360 m  14 C
11:44:43John PhillipsFLAOCTroy
21:47:40Nick HeMLAOCTroy
31:57:09David SaundersMnone
42:01:24Mike ReasonMLAOC
52:11:29Eugene KipermanMLAOC
62:13:27Hook JacobMLAOCEldorado
72:23:29Todd HookMLAOC
82:35:46Christopher ErnstMnone
92:36:51Jonah YiMLAOCTroy
102:47:17Allan PincusMLAOC
112:55:20Isaac RamirezMnonePacifica
122:58:01Bruce GarbaccioMLAOC
133:14:56Wayne CottrellMLAOC
143:31:42Cam DupreMnone
dnfKimberly PincusFLAOC
dnfSteve TischlerMLAOC
dnfJossalyn EmslieFLAOC
dnfRonny SandvickFSDO
dnfJeffery ChanFLAOCTroy
dnfDaniel ChungMnonePacifica
Green Teams (1)  5.5 km 360 m  14 C
Brown (11)  3.9 km 195 m  10 C
11:39:14Charles YoungMLAOC
21:42:45Jaime NgMLAOCTroy
31:44:53Ryan NguyenMLAOCTroy
41:47:43Cygnus DekanyFLAOC
51:49:29Sue DekanyFLAOC
61:51:17Tony GomezMLAOC
71:59:03Scott CobleMLAOC
81:59:44John Phillips IVMLAOC
92:01:25Joseph AlvaradoMLAOC
102:02:40Pavel KopylovMnone
dnfPatricia EliasonFLAOC
Brown Teams (8)  3.9 km 195 m  10 C
12:06:24Milk TeaMnone
22:09:56Lesha and KidsMnone
43:43:01Nova Autobots BlueMnone
53:46:14March 8thMnone
63:50:15SuperNova AdvengersMnone
dnfJoe and AmandaMLAOC
dnfNova Autobots PrimeMnone
Orange (26)  3.8 km 180 m  10 C
11:10:24Evan TanFLAOCTroy
21:17:07James WoffordMLAOCTroy
31:25:50Andy WangMLAOCTroy
41:43:13Steve GroomMnone
51:50:59Joshua PavonMnone
61:53:48Nam NguyenMLAOCTroy
71:54:17Chris KohlerMLAOC
81:56:36Alex HeMLAOCCS Arts
92:02:57Jessica LopezFnone
102:20:03Susan TischlerMLAOC
112:24:16David MirmanMLAOC
122:47:47Kevin GuanMnone
133:02:19Esmeralda SalcidoFnone
143:04:14Katelyn QuinnFLAOC
153:08:20Klaire JamandreFnone
dnfJohn KuechleMLAOC
dnfElisha WangMnone
dnfAlex VoFnone
dnfEsmeralda MondragonFLAOC
dnfKaren SimonFLAOC
dnfRyan DekanyMLAOC
dnfDimas NegreteMLAOC
dnfEva HernandezFnone
dnfDavid MembrenoMLAOC
dnfLorenzo RossiMLAOC
dnfIan HarperMLAOC
Orange Teams (8)  3.8 km 180 m  10 C
11:55:14Anything but LastFLAOC
32:50:06Okuda MatataMnone
43:00:21Orienteering DateMnone
dnfTroop 7911AFnone
dnfTroop 7911 LeadersFnone
dnfRocket Racers (2nd)Mnone
Yellow (9)  3.3 km 130 m  13 C
145:43Dimitri KouloumbisMLAOCTroy
246:14Gary WongFLAOCTroy
350:24Jesse JamesMLAOCTroy
455:36Wesley LowMLAOCTroy
51:00:40Brian PhanMLAOCTroy
61:03:48Sorin JayaweeraMnone
71:11:14Joseph HeMLAOC
81:23:55Nathan ParkMLAOCTroy
91:36:51Anthony TangFnone
Yellow Teams (15)  3.3 km 130 m  13 C
11:08:53Mt Sac Academy 5MLAOC
21:10:54Mt Sac Academy 2MLAOC
31:11:13Rocket RacersMnone
41:25:58Santa Ana High School 1MLAOC
51:27:18Santa Ana High School 2MLAOC
61:28:54Team ArCeeMnone
81:43:51Team JisMnone
91:52:21Mt Sac Academy 1MLAOC
122:34:06Mt Sac Academy 4MLAOC
dnfMt Sac Academy 3MLAOC
dnfSanta Ana High School 4MLAOC
dnfSanta Ana High School 3MLAOC
White (4)  2.1 km 10 m  8 C
123:05Nikita PhillipsMLAOCTroop 97
253:34Brain ChungFLAOC
31:04:04Malacai McGillMnone
41:12:38Ruth OteroMnone
White Teams (4)  2.1 km 10 m  8 C
128:43P8 CrewMnone
352:32Troop 7911BFnone

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