Camp Scherman National Meet

Detailed Event Write-up by Kim Pincus

U.S. PreO Champs 2017 Results
U.S. PreO Champs 2017 Solutions Map

Control number 5 voided: A complaint was received at the event regarding control number 5. The course setter and vetters visited the control to investigate the complaint and made the decision to void the control. Certain reasonable sight lines led to a position for the flag that was about 4 to 5m north of the actual flag position. This included at least one case in which the flag was on the opposite side of the sight line from the center of the circle. This discrepancy was greater than the published tolerance for the event. An announcement of this decision was made at Massey Hall and communicated to affected top competitors. No protests were made against this decision.

U.S. TempO Champs 2017 Results
U.S. TempO Champs 2017 Solutions Map

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Saturday Relay Results

Saturday Relay and Sunday Middle Splits via Attackpoint
3 pt (6)
PlStnoTeam (Name)YBTime (Ind)Time (Team)
1None Team Fong1:27:06
Theodore Fong9230:13
Hannah Culberg9024:59
Kevin Culberg8931:54
2None Team ???1:27:18
Noah Howlett9828:58
Nick Howlett6724:36
Viktoria Brautigam8533:44
3COC Cascade 11:31:45
Will Enger8633:06
Tori Borish8931:14
Eric Bone7427:25
4CROC The 5th Quadrant2:05:37
Dan Grabski7952:55
Thomas Allen8132:35
Alison Crocker8440:07
5None Runners2:39:51
Joshua Wiley871:03:15
Greg Walker8123:58
David Burch811:12:38
6None Turtles2:44:34
Valdas Baranauskas5646:57
Richard H. Ebright591:12:40
Richard Y. Ebright9244:57
6 pt (2)
PlStnoTeam (Name)YBTime (Ind)Time (Team)
1Truckee Truckee Chain Monkeys1:56:11
Carol Walker8829:14
Bill Voegele6844:42
Anna Voegele7442:15
2LAOC LAOC12:15:26
Allan Pincus5552:52
Eugene Kiperman5448:37
Alexander Kiperman9133:57
9 pt (3)
PlStnoTeam (Name)YBTime (Ind)Time (Team)
1301QOC The Campbells1:31:32
Victoria Campbell7438:17
Anna Campbell0526:32
Jonathan Campbell7426:43
2303None US Trail-O Team1:35:27
Mike Poulsen5836:24
Piotr Zielczynski6020:34
Sharon Crawford4438:29
3302BAOC Bay Area Oldtimers Club2:39:14
Nick Corsano481:08:09
Jeff Lanam5632:40
Bob Cooley4258:25

Sunday Middle Results

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M-Orange (3)3.0 km 90 m12 C
130:24David BurchLAOC
244:06Bruce GarbaccioLAOC
344:54Bill VoegeleTruckee
F-18 (1)3.0 km 120 m14 C
158:23Anna CampbellQOC
M75+ (1)3.0 km 120 m14 C
150:45Bob CooleyCROC
M-Brown (2)3.0 km 120 m14 C
139:27Piotr ZielczynskiHVO
21:07:53Scott SchmitzLAOC
F40+ (1)3.7 km 160 m14 C
144:28Anna VoegeleTruckee
M55+ (4)3.7 km 160 m14 C
148:03Mike ChinLAOC
248:55David SaundersLAOC
357:17Mike PoulsenCROC
41:34:58Richard H. EbrightDVOA
M60+ (5)3.7 km 160 m14 C
159:39Valdas BaranauskasOther
21:09:31Allan PincusLAOC
31:14:36Eugene KipermanLAOC
41:30:22Michael GoeresCoureurs de Bois
51:35:20Jeff LanamBAOC
M-20 (1)4.7 km 210 m19 C
141:11Noah HowlettOther
M35+ (4)4.7 km 210 m19 C
145:59Roland HanssonLAOC
247:27Greg WalkerCSU
31:08:19Thomas AllenCROC
41:35:09Dan GrabskiCROC
M45+ (1)4.7 km 210 m19 C
147:09Nick HowlettOther
F-21+ (6)4.7 km 210 m19 C
141:08Alison CrockerCROC
242:12Hannah CulbergQOC
346:43Viktoria BrautigamSDO
449:11Tori BorishCOC
558:15Carol WalkerTruckee
61:15:48Victoria CampbellQOC
M-21+ (11)5.2 km 220 m19 C
138:23Eric BoneCOC
242:16Kevin CulbergQOC
342:37Will EngerCOC
443:38Patrick GoeresCoureurs de Bois
548:38Aleksey SabuninSDO
651:39Jonathan CampbellQOC
751:41Theodore FongNone
852:13Vladimir GusiatnikovOCIN
957:57Alexander KipermanLAOC
1058:15Joshua WileyNone
111:02:07Richard Y. EbrightDVOA
RecY (3)2.3 km 55 m10 C
146:47Jossalyn EmslieLAOC
247:39Karen SimonLAOC
350:05Theresa HuangLAOC
F35+ (1)3.7 km 160 m14 C
152:13Sharon CrawfordRMOC

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