Echo Park DIY Orienteering

May 25, 2020

Results are now posted and the answer submission form is closed. You are still welcome to try out the course for fun, though!

We've got a Do-It-Yourself Urban Discovery event planned for the last part of May on the Echo Park map. Thanks to Steve Tischler for developing the course.

What is a Do-It-Yourself course?
In order to maintain public health safety, we will not have any public gathering associated with this event. Instead, participants will download the map and questions and go on their own personal schedule to the event site to orienteer.

Two classes are offered:

On Site
The on site class is for those who want to get out and run (or walk). You are expected to actually go to the event site and run around to find your answers. You must park and then find answers on foot, returning to the same place you started from. Controls visited while driving don't count. You will keep your own time. There will not be a defined start or finish on the map. You are expected to start and end your time at the same place, but it's up to you where that will be.
No Time Limit, take all day if you want. You are not expected to visit all the control sites. It is a very large course. Do as many or as few as you like. Only answer the questions for those controls that you visit.
Correct Answer 2 points
Not Answered 0 points
Incorrect Answer -1 point

Results will be ordered first by score and then by reported time spent on course.

For those who are not in the LA area or simply prefer to stay Safer at Home, you can use Google Street View to find answers. Because the course was designed for on-site, not every answer is available via Google. You can get about 2/3rds of them. In some cases you can't see the feature necessary to answer the question and in some cases the images on Google are not up-to-date with newer features. A few questions are more easily answered by looking at older images (because of glare or wear on signs). It's up to you whether you want to stay in Street View and "run" from control to control or if you prefer to use map view to drop in on control sites.
Correct Answer 2 points
Not Answered 0 points
Incorrect Answer -1 point

Results will be ordered first by score and then by the timestamp of when responses were received.

Sign Up Process:
Registration/Waiver Form
After accepting the waiver you will be emailed links to the map and questions.
Print your own map and questions to use while on the course.

NOTE: The registration, map, and questions are implemented through Google docs and forms. Some school or work based domains do not allow access to these tools. If you have problems please use a personal account for access.

All responses received by midnight on Monday, May 25th will be listed in the results.
After May 25th, solutions will be posted.

Have fun!

Link below is broken. To contact the event director email Clare Durand

Saturday, May 16
1:00 am - 11:59 pmEcho Park DIY Urban Discovery: Echo Park DIY Opens
Monday, May 25
11:59 pmEcho Park DIY Urban Discovery: Echo Park DIY Closes
Meet Director:Clare Durand
Course Setter:Steve Tischler
Course Details
Courses: Freeform
Map Notes
Map Scale is about 1:13,000 if printed to fit on Letter size paper and 1:10,000 if printed to fit on Legal size paper.
The map includes some dark black lines that denote special scoring zones that we usually use. These zones have no effect on scoring this year. Be careful that you don't mistake these for roads. They are quite prominent on the map, but don't match anything on the ground.
Registration/Waiver form
After completing the waiver, you will be emailed links to the map and questions.

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Required Waiver

Minors attending without a parent must bring this required waiver filled out by their parent for each event or they will NOT be allowed to participate. Adults and parents with children may sign the waiver at the event.

About LAOC

LAOC is a volunteer-run club promoting map navigation and enjoyment of the outdoors. Learn more here!

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