Echo Park Urban O

May 31, 2015

Urban Score-O with 1 hour or 2 hour options.
A mass start at 10AM but starts are allowed until noon.


Echo Park, Picnic Area 4 Elysian Park, Los Angeles, CA

Sunday, May 31
9:30 am - 12:00 pmUrban Score-O: Registration
10:00 am - 12:00 pmUrban Score-O: Starts
Location Details

Echo Park
Picnic Area 4 Elysian Park
Los Angeles, CA
Google Map

From Northbound US 101: Exit ""Glendale"", go straight at the signal. This is Echo Park Ave. Follow ECHO PARK AVE directions below.
From Southbound US 101: Exit ""Glendale"". Take Union Ave to Temple St, turn left. Take Temple St to Glendale Blvd, turn left. Go under the US 101 bridge to Bellevue Ave, turn right. At Echo Park Ave, turn left, continue as below.
ECHO PARK AVE: Take Echo Park Ave past Sunset Blvd to Scott Ave. and turn right on Scott Ave. At Stadium Way, turn left and continue past Academy Rd. then park in the lot.

From Northbound I-5: Exit "Stadium Way" actually Riverside Dr. Turn left. After going under the 5, turn left onto Stadium Way and follow STADIUM WAY directions below.
From Southbound I-5: exit Stadium Way and turn left onto Stadium Way and continue as below.
Follow STADIUM WAY towards Dodger Stadium. At Academy Rd, turn right, then right again into parking lot.

Watch for O-signs at Stadium Way and Academy Road and in the parking lot.
Course Details
Courses: 1 Hour Score, 2 Hours Score
Course Setter
Gavin Vlietstra (
Meet Director
Scott Schmitz (
Course Setter's Notes:
As in previous years, the course will be divided into four zones: green, gold, coral, and lilac. The course will have a combination of new controls, old controls will new questions, and some repeats.

The most visible change is the control numbering scheme.
All controls are assigned a 3-digit control number:
-- Hundreds digit indicates which zone the control is found:
1xx => Green, 2xx => Gold, 3xx => Coral, 4xx => Lilac
-- Tens digit indicates point value of the control.
Simply multiply this digit by 5 to get the number of points: x1x => 5, x2x => 10, x3x => 15, etc.
-- Units digits used to serialize controls within each category.

The hundred-digit range for each zone was originally planned as a temporary measure since each zone was set by different members of Crew 301 and we needed a way to keep the numbers straight.

We decided to keep this numbering scheme since it looked good when printed and will support division of course setting effort in the future.
Preregistration is open until Thursday 5/26 at midnight.
Click HERE To register.

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