Echo Park/Elysian Urban O

Results listed here.

Despite the threat of rain, and a few actual showers, this year's Urban- O in Echo Park had a surprisingly large turnout with a record 50 entries, of which 35 were teams. Most of the teams were from youth groups. Thanks to everyone who showed up and I hope you all had fun.

The rules of this particular Urban-O were designed to encourage the entrants to visit as wide a geographical area as possible. The area on the map is extremely diverse, ranging from the open hills of Elysian Park to the stair-studded urban hills of Elysian Heights, to the somewhat seedy Echo Park neighborhoods around Sunset Boulevard and the Victorian mansions of Angeleno Heights. The rules did not succeed in enticing entrants to broaden their horizons, but that may have been due to the relative inexperience of the entrants.

The Lilac Zone to the south was the least visited zone with a scant average of 6 visits. The most visited control was the Zone Control 205 with 15 visits.
The Green Zone had an average of 14 visits. The most visited control was the Zone Control 150 with 34 visits, the most of any control on the course.
The Coral Zone on the west had an average of 18 visits. The most visited control was the Zone Control 157 with 26 visits.
The Golden Zone was the most visited zone with an average of 21 visits. The most visited control was the Zone Control 204 with 32 visits.

The Golden Zone proved golden indeed with its 325 point total concentrated within a relatively small area, albeit an area with a lot of relief. Still, eight of the ten who attained the 50 point bonus of all controls within a zone attained that bonus within this muscle-burning aerobic zone. The Coral Zone was the smallest in area and the flattest, but while it also had the least amount of points with 225, two entrants managed to get Bonus 50s from Coral. The Green and Lilac Zones had more points (each with 350), but the large size of each area and the distances involved proved to dissuade people away from these zones. One person managed to get a Green Bonus 50. This was the same enterprising entrant (Lee Duncan) who also collected a Bonus 50 from three of the four zones. And he was a one- hour entrant to boot. (Granted, he came in 20 minutes late.)

15 entrants managed to visit at least one control from each of the 4 zones, and 9 of those 15 visited all the Zone Controls. Certainly the rules need more tweaking.

I wish to thank Christian Bower for helping me check old controls and gather new ones. The reservoir of possible clues has certainly been enriched with his help. He also helped with set-up, registration, and scoring.

A couple of weeks before the event, I had an unfortunate bicycle accident that left my right hand unusable. My thanks to all of those who contributed their hands on my behalf. Don Sieveke was my driver. He also copied all the maps and clue sheets and lugged all the boxes around. Steve Durand helped set up and also calculated scores. Alan and Kim Pincus did starts, Rick Dekany and Joe Vlietstra did finishes, and Gary Dolgin did his best to explain both the normal rules of orienteering and the arcane rules of Echo Park Urban-O.

My apologies to anyone I have forgotten to credit for their help. My notes are a little incomplete. Also, my apologies that the scores are different than what's posted on the web. While preparing this report, I discovered an error in my spreadsheet. The scores reported in the newsletter are corrected and revised. My apologies that some of the controls ended up in the wrong spots on the map. I decided to credit anyone who bothered to give an answer for those controls credit for a right answer. And apologies to "LA Outdoors #2", According to their e-mail, they actually won the race in their division having scored over 1,000 points and penalized for 200 for a final score of over 800. But tragically I could not find their control sheet anywhere and am unable to verify their results.

One of these days, I'm going to get this meet directing thing right.

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