El Dorado

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Long Orange (18)9.3 km16 C
143:27Dusty CaseriaCOC
257:52Marc TriquellLAOC
358:16Hirotake Komatsunone
41:02:31Emily CaseriaCOC
51:11:59Andreu SanchezLAOCTroy
61:13:52Phillip KimLAOCTroy
71:14:15Duane GriffinLAOCTroy
81:14:21Michael GuerraLAOCTroy
91:16:55Eugene KipermanLAOC
101:18:34Jose BurciagaLAOCEldoeado
111:20:28Steve TischlerLAOC
121:25:16Kelly YuLAOCTroy
131:35:04Mike ReasonLAOC
141:36:17Grace LeeLAOCTroy
152:15:12Katie WentzoloffLAOCEldorado
162:24:01Matthew LeeLAOCTroy
dnfTodd HookLAOC
dnfGabrielea MerinoLAOCEldorado
Long Orange Teams (2)9.3 km16 C
11:08:22A Pace OdysseyLAOC
21:13:38Shamma Llamma Ding Dongnone
Orange (23)6.1 km14 C
149:54Sean OnoLAOCTroy
249:56Nick HeLAOCTroy
351:50John Phillips (2nd)LAOC
453:18Damon LeeLAOCTroy
554:15Ville Maanpaanone
654:19Sushovan PyneLAOCTroy
757:15Kristin LouieLAOCTroy
857:44Jamie NgLAOCTroy
91:00:16Ian HarperLAOC
101:02:42Bruce GarbaccioLAOC
111:04:55Andy SuLAOCTroy
121:06:25Scott CobleLAOC
131:09:19Jossalyn EmslieLAOC
141:15:04Kevin KimLAOCTroy
151:15:12Scott SchmitzLAOC
161:17:40Edward ThompsonLAOC
171:18:19Susan TischlerLAOC
181:19:26Alex ChangLAOCTroy
191:20:00Clare DurandLAOC
201:23:27Rich HoeslyLAOC
211:26:03Arline MateoLAOCTroy
221:39:56K SimonLAOC
dnfMitch Boucher (2nd)LAOC
Orange Teams (7)6.1 km14 C
21:31:59Troop 832 Dnone
32:04:40Troop 832 Anone
42:11:27Annie Bearsnone
52:32:42Troop 832 Fnone
62:40:28Troop 832 Bnone
72:45:11Troop 832 Cnone
Yellow (21)3.7 km14 C
129:29Jonah YiLAOCTroy
230:31Asiya Gizatulinanone
331:18Junha KimLAOCTroy
431:26Jeffrey YouLAOCTroy
535:22William LauperLAOC
637:12Viet TranLAOCTroy
737:38Mitch BoucherLAOCTroy
837:49John PhillipsLAOCTroy
939:11Caitie EmslieLAOC
1044:44Wayne Cottrellnone
1148:04Justin FernandezLAOCTroy
1248:39Andus Van HaoLAOCTroy
131:07:33Ryan NguyenLAOCTroy
141:08:58Son NguyenLAOC
151:23:00Savli Maanpaanone
161:24:35Charles Hand (2nd)LAOC
mpJack TianLAOCTroy
dnfJeffrey ChanLAOCTroy
dnfMaxim AlayevLAOCTroy
dnfLiam Halbergnone
dnfSejin LeeLAOCTroy
Yellow Teams (4)3.7 km14 C
154:37Dragonfly Buddiesnone
21:09:23Coffee Loversnone
31:31:04Holy Peanutsnone
41:46:53Winning Habitnone
White (6)2.3 km12 C
115:23Sejin Lee (2nd)LAOC
220:40Nikita PhillipsLAOCPack 1218
320:49Chris Bedrosiannone
431:38Son Nguyen (2nd)none
532:58Charles HandLAOC
634:34Viktoriya PhillipsLAOC
White Teams (3)2.3 km12 C
116:00Shamma Llamma Ding Dongnone
234:20First timersLAOC
mpTroop 832 Enone

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Minors attending without a parent must bring this required waiver filled out by their parent for each event or they will NOT be allowed to participate. Adults and parents with children may sign the waiver at the event.

About LAOC

LAOC is a volunteer-run club promoting map navigation and enjoyment of the outdoors. Learn more here!

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