El Dorado

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Long Orange (18)  8.0 km 0 m  19 C
146:31Alexander KipermanMLAOC
247:13Joseph SaucedoMLAOCEldorado
350:30Luis AcevedoMLAOCEldorado
451:52Bowman AlexMLAOCTroy
554:09Alain Zelim-VegaMLAOCEldorado
655:19Nick HeMLAOCTroy
755:33Jonah YiMLAOCTroy
856:40Damon LeeMLAOCTroy
958:21Casandra ZamudioFLAOCEldorado
101:00:14Francisco PallanesMLAOCEldorado
111:05:25Michael GuerraMnone
121:05:26Ronny SandvickMnone
131:07:21John PhillipsMLAOCTroy
141:08:43Eugene KipermanMLAOC
151:09:46Richard DekanyMLAOC
161:13:10Jacob HookMLAOCEldorado
171:17:23Jaimie NgFLAOCTroy
dnfJohn KuechleMLAOC
Orange (25)  6.1 km 0 m  16 C
146:50Todd HookMLAOC
247:26Evan TanMLAOCTroy
348:05Orlando BrizuelaMLAOCEldorado
448:48Ryan Lee-NguyenMLAOCTroy
548:56Andy WangMLAOCTroy
650:59Sergio DelgadoMLAOCEldorado
753:10James WoffordMLAOCTroy
854:12Nathaniel BuenaventuraMLAOCTroy
955:58Steve TischlerMLAOC
1058:20Yuliza InfanteFLAOCEldorado
111:02:15Valentina VillaniFLAOC
121:03:10William LauperMLAOC
131:06:00Bruce GarbaccioMLAOC
141:07:44C'Asia RayFLAOCEldorado
151:08:07Ryan NguyenMLAOCTroy
161:11:40Nam NguyenMLAOCTroy
171:13:02Geraldo RamirezMLAOCEldorado
181:16:18Elizabeth KunkeeFnone
191:23:52Jeff LaunMLAOC
201:25:47Ryan DekanyMLAOC
211:30:45Camille JorenbyFnone
221:31:19John KunkeeMnone
231:32:15Genesis SamaniegoFLAOCEldorado
241:32:44David MirmanMLAOC
251:32:47Patricia EliasonFLAOC
Orange Teams (1)  6.1 km 0 m  16 C
11:46:40The McKinleysMSDO
Yellow (23)  4.5 km 0 m  13 C
133:00Dimitri KouloumbisMLAOCTroy
235:58Jesse James IIMLAOCTroy
336:52Nicholas WoffordMLAOCTroy
438:47Kyle JiangMLAOCTroy
540:27Brian PhanMLAOCTroy
646:53Laura HallFnone
747:55Ian HarperMLAOC
848:39Nikita Phillips (2nd)MLAOC
949:25Wesley LowMLAOCTroy
1052:51Andrea ZhouFLAOCTroy
1154:29Susan TischlerFLAOC
1254:42Priscilla CasasFLAOCTroy
1356:29Brendun GreinerMnone
1457:58Cygnus DekanyFLAOC
1558:00Gary WongMLAOCTroy
161:03:36Clare DurandFLAOC
171:06:51Isaac RamirezMnonePacifica
181:08:18Nancy KuechleFLAOC
191:12:31Adrianne WangFLAOCTroy
201:20:47Sergei SapozhkovMnone
211:23:14James LauperMLAOCChaparral
221:30:57Cecilia DoFLAOCTroy
232:02:04Daniel ChungMLAOCPacifica
Yellow Teams (7)  4.5 km 0 m  13 C
156:46Chaparral NJROTC Team TwMnone
31:05:49Chaparral NJROTC Team OnMnone
41:37:34Terific TrioFnone
mpCool Cats 860Fnone
dnfChaparral NJROTC Team ThMnone
White (2)  3.0 km 0 m  11 C
134:02Nikita PhillipsMLAOCTroop 97
21:02:03Justin NienhuisMnoneTroop 99
White Teams (7)  3.0 km 0 m  11 C
143:29Shell TribeMnone
246:33Raving ChipmunksMnone
353:24Oldish FartsMnone
41:02:31Team Lopez 99Mnone
51:06:06Crazy CuyMnone

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