El Dorado

Fast running was the hallmark of this first COOL event. LAOC member Alex Kiperman whizzed through the 7.5km Long Orange course in under 42 minutes, with the Troy NJROC Varsity squad close on his heels. Runners from Troy won every other course as well, starting off the League season with a bang.

One control on the Orange course went missing late in the event, affecting only the two last runners, Scott Schmitz and Clare Durand. Eagle Eye Scott spotted the control floating nearby in the lake out of reach. Luckily, El Dorado has paddle boat rentals, so a few Troy cadets helped us out with their leg power and paddled over to retrieve the control, with Scott directing them to the spot. How that control got in the lake, we'll never know.

Thanks to all the volunteers for helping out!
Course Setting: John and Nancy Kuechle
Pre-registration: Allan PIncus
Registration: Clare Durand
epunch: Rich Hoesly
Results: Troy NJROTC
Control Pickup: Troy NJROTC
Start/Finish: Some combination of Scott Schmitz, Bruce Corning, Harvey Woo, and Mike Ng
Plus thanks to anyone that I missed El Dorado - Results
Place     Time   Name                                Club            COOL                 

Long Orange  (10)    7.5 km   23 C          
    1    41:57   Alex Kiperman                       LAOC                                 
    2    44:14   Enoch Peng-Troy                     LAOC            Troy                 
    3    48:13   Kenneth Nguyen-Troy                 LAOC            Troy                 
    4    49:34   Ethan Varela-Troy                   LAOC            Troy                 
    5    54:16   Duane Griffin-Troy                  LAOC            Troy                 
    6    55:56   Alex Pham-Troy                      LAOC            Troy                 
    7  1:00:55   Bruce Corning                       LAOC                                 
    8  1:04:10   Eugene Kiperman                     LAOC                                 
    9  1:07:01   Ivan Figueroa                       none                                 
   10  1:25:18   Scott Coble                         LAOC                                 

Orange  (17)         5.5 km   19 C          
    1    39:48   Lawrence Wang-Troy                  LAOC            Troy                 
    2    46:24   Michael Guerra-Troy                 LAOC            Troy                 
    3    47:10   Samuel Nguyen-Troy                  LAOC            Troy                 
    4    48:46   Phillip Kim-Troy                    LAOC            Troy                 
    5    51:25   Clare Durand                        LAOC                                 
    6    52:26   Sean Ono-Troy                       LAOC            Troy                 
    7    54:01   Kelly Yu-Troy                       LAOC            Troy                 
    8    56:08   Ling Feng                           none                                 
    9    59:01   Kyle Lim-Troy                       LAOC            Troy                 
   10    59:09   Bruce Garbaccio                     LAOC                                 
   11  1:01:11   Grace Lee-Troy                      LAOC            Troy                 
   12  1:02:04   Sky Jung-Troy                       LAOC            Troy                 
   13  1:07:33   Patrick Tan-Troy                    LAOC            Troy                 
   14  1:08:59   Steve Joo-Troy                      LAOC            Troy                 
   15  1:14:03   Scott Schmitz                       LAOC                                 
   16  1:18:15   Nicolas Fernandez-Troy              LAOC            Troy                 
            mp   Matthew Lee-Troy                    LAOC            Troy                 

Orange Teams  (1)    5.5 km   19 C          
    1    55:04   Ssonnson                            none                                 

Yellow  (11)         3.0 km   12 C          
    1    19:33   Nicholas He-Troy                    LAOC            Troy                 
    2    25:23   Brian Liu-Troy                      LAOC            Troy                 
    3    28:45   Catherine Zhou                      LAOC            gs7911               
    4    29:37   Kayla Chu-Troy                      LAOC            Troy                 
    5    30:35   Sushuvan Pain-Troy                  LAOC            Troy                 
    6    31:38   Kristin Louie-Troy                  LAOC            Troy                 
    7    32:22   Alex Chang-Troy                     LAOC            Troy                 
    8    33:00   Andreu Sanchez-Troy                 LAOC            Troy                 
    9    33:37   Jaimie Ng-Troy                      LAOC            Troy                 
   10    36:38   Riley Dao-Troy                      LAOC            Troy                 
           dnf   Kevin Kim-Troy                      LAOC            Troy                 

Yellow Teams  (1)    3.0 km   12 C          
    1    37:18   Willow                              none                                 

White  (7)           2.2 km   12 C          
    1    17:57   Damon Lee-Troy                      LAOC            Troy                 
    2    25:28   Nicholas Kim-Troy                   LAOC            Troy                 
    3    27:46   Justin Kim-Troy                     LAOC            Troy                 
    4    35:26   Zachary Hyun-Troy                   LAOC            Troy                 
    5    39:16   Issac Yang-Troy                     LAOC            Troy                 
    6    45:25   William Lauper                      none                                 
            mp   Eric Son-Troy                       LAOC            Troy                 

White Teams  (1)     2.2 km   12 C          
    1  1:27:45   GS Troop 7911 B                     LAOC            gs7911               

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