Firestone Scout Ranch

November 9, 2014

We are offering 5 courses:
White 1.8km 85meter climb 6 controls
Yellow 2.4km 150meter climb 8 controls
Orange 3.1km 130meter climb 10 controls
Short Advanced 3.3km 105meter climb 9 controls
Long Advanced 4.5km 195meter climb 12 controls

Yes, the Yellow course does have that much climb; it climbs two hills.
The White course climbs one hill.

Courses are "middle distance" style, with a few shorter legs mixed in
with a couple of longer legs. Finishing times should be well under one
hour for the top runners.

If you haven't been to Firestone for a while, the experience will be
almost like a new map. We are printing the map at 1:10000 scale for all
courses this time, not 1:15000 as in the past. The map includes only
the area where the courses are, excluding much of the western part of
the camp's property. Much of that area is no longer Boy Scout property
and is not accessible to LAOC any longer.

There are many changes in the terrain, including new roads, trails, and
structures. Despite our best efforts, we may not have noticed
everything that is different. Parts of the terrain are more passable
than in the past, so there should be more route choice. We are using
some of the new trails for the White and Yellow courses.

Registration and all starts are at the "Memorial Mesa" parking lot.
White and Yellow courses finish at Memorial Mesa. However Orange and
the advanced courses have a remote finish alongside the road in the main
canyon. This is to cut down on climb. A shuttle will be available to
transport finishers back to Memorial Mesa for downloading.

NEW!-Directions to Memorial Mesa: Follow directions to the camp entrance off
the 57 freeway. Once inside the camp, drive about 3 miles to the far
end of the camp, to the turnoff labeled "Shooting Sports" which goes to
the right. This road crosses the creek then starts uphill. After four
switchbacks you reach a 4-way junction; stay to the left for a short
distance to the parking lot. The route is paved all the way but rough
in places, so drive carefully.

The place where LAOC used to stage meets is now gated and fenced off and
no longer accessible.

Sunday, November 9
10:00 am - 12:00 pmOrienteering
Meet Director:Kent Schwitkis
Course Setter:Bruce Corning
Course Details
White (Basic) Point-to-Point1.8856
Yellow (Intermediate) Point-to-Point2.41508
Orange (Advanced) Point-to-Point3.113010
Short Expert Point-to-Point3.31059
Long Expert Point-to-Point4.519512
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Preregistration will close Thursday Nov 7 at midnight.

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Courses Offered
White,Yellow, Orange, Short Advanced, Long advanced

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