Fullerton Urban Orienteering

November 21, 2015

Pre-Turkey Trot / Black Friday Warmup / An excuse to get outside before it SNOWS!

This year’s Urban O has 1 mass start, 2 moving controls, 3 city parks, 4 map sections, and 5 high schools.

Start Time: 10 am (mass start). The last start will be at 11 am.
Courses close at 1 pm.

Fullerton is sometimes referred as the education city. Fullerton is also home to Troy Navy JROTC, that group of eager beaver high school cadets that have been frequenting LAOC events for 8 years and who finished 5th nationally last year in orienteering. The course will include many of school campuses on the east side of the city and include views of Cal State Fullerton, the largest college campus in the California State system with 38,000 students.

The course consists of controls scattered throughout the area, and each control is worth a certain number of points based, hopefully, on navigational difficulty. You may visit them in any order. Your arrival at each control will be verified by answering the multiple choice question correctly. Penalty points will be given for wrong answers or exceeding your selected time limit.

Adults and teenagers may run in groups or as individuals. Dogs are also welcome, but must be kept on a leash, and all pedestrian traffic laws must be obeyed. However, no cats or weasels; Fullerton has a very strong anti-cat ordnance and weasels are just plain mean (just kidding – seeing if you actually read this far).

Course Options: 1 or 2 hour Score-O
NOTE: COOL scoring will based on 2 hour results.

Please note, all participants under 18 years old MUST provide a liability waiver with a Parent's Signature. Group leader's signatures will not be accepted! Preregistration and on-site registration will both be available.

The controls are numbered based on their point value. The 2 wandering controls are worth 50 points each. There are an additional 10 points given if you visit at least one control in all four Zones. There are an additional 40 points if you are able to visit all the Zone Controls. The Zone Controls are shaded on the map and colored gray on the Control Sheet. There is an additional 50 points if you are able to visit all of the control points.

There are two types of penalties: wrong answers (10 points) and late returns (10 points for every minute of overtime). Please remember to check back at the start/finish before leaving for the day.

The Map
The map, a combination of the USGS contour map and Google map designed by Sue Dekany, has been divided into four Zones, similar to Echo Park. The start area is on the campus of Troy High School. The southern half of the map is fairly flat, but the northern half has some serious climbs; the total elevation change is 340 feet. There is a LOT of private property; stay on public property!!!

The furthest control from the start is approximately 2.5 km away, as the crow flies, but route choice will be important to avoid steep climbs.


Fullerton, Troy High School, Fullerton, CA

Saturday, November 21
9:00 am - 11:00 amFullerton Urban O: Registration
10:00 amFullerton Urban O: MASS START
1:00 pmFullerton Urban O: Course closing
Meet Director:Allen Stubblefield
Course Setter:Jasmine Ng
Course Setter:Katrina Yap
Location Details

Troy High School
Fullerton, CA
Google Map

2200 E Dorothy Ln, Fullerton , CA 92831

From the I-210, I-10 and CA-60:
Take southbound CA-57 past CA-60 and through the Brea Canyon area.
Exit “Yorba Linda Blvd”, turn right.
At 2nd light (“State College”) turn left, then right at next light (“Dorothy”).
Troy HS is on the left; turn into the first school parking lot and look for the orienteering signs.

From points south of Fullerton, CA-91, or I-5:
Take northbound CA-57 from CA-91, exit "Yorba Linda Blvd", turn left.
At the 3rd light (“State College") turn left, then right at next light (“Dorothy”).
Troy HS is on the left; turn into the first school parking lot and look for the orienteering signs.
Course Details
Courses: 1 Hour Score, 2 Hours Score
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Required Waiver

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