Fullerton Urban Orienteering

UPDATE Nov 24 - It was a hot, dry day but otherwise gorgeously sunny. 15 groups of all ages plus 46 individuals ran and took on the challenge of Fullerton's hills. The winners were: Roadrunners (Group) with 445 points, Kenneth Nguyen (Individual, 2 hours) with 715 points, and Ruben Aguilar (individual, 1 hour) with 35 points. All ties were broken by time (quickest time wins).

Update Nov 25 - updated scores for 2 entries that did not have names on answer sheets.

2 Hour score / Group Name
445 Roadrunners
345 ECR 2
335 JMG Raptors
330 Pinki
320 Angry Chickens
310 The McKinleys
250 ECR 1
240 Hawks
165 Gary Marcus
155 Team 5K
125 La Habra
105 GS Troop 1302
45 Team Hood
40 Lobanaov Family
No Score Wingfat

2 Hour Score / First Last (School)
715 Kenneth Nguyen (Troy)
485 Timothy Hsu (Troy)
475 Lawrence Wang (Troy)
455 Eric Gim (Troy)
445 Natali Pacheco
445 Clare Durand
375 Rick Dekaney
350 Luis Hernandez
330 Ashley Yee (Troy)
320 Alex Pham (Troy)
290 Phillip Kim (Troy)
285 Chris Casson
270 Chris Pulos
250 Celia Kang (Troy)
250 Kyle Lim (Troy)
260 Andy Cho (Troy)
250 Karen Simon
245 Mochi
245 Faisal Abdullah
225 Patrick Tan (Troy)
225 Bruce Corning
205 Kelly Yu (Troy)
205 Grace Lee (Troy)
195 Michael Yang (Troy)
165 Sean Rhee (Troy)
165 Steve Joo (Troy)
155 Austin Chang (Troy)
150 Elvin Koay (Troy)
140 Michael Guerra (Troy)
135 Eugene Kiperman
130 Sky Jung (Troy)
100 Sean Ono (Troy)
90 Brian Chang (Troy)
90 Scott Schmitz
60 Kush Shah (Troy)
55 Rich Hoesly
35 Malasean Benathem

1 Hour Score / First Last (School)
35 Ruben Aguilar (Santa Ana)
0 Leslie Diaz (Santa Ana)
-60 Jessyca Ocampo (Santa Ana)
-60 Maria Ramirez (Santa Ana)
-90 Kevin Cea (Santa Ana)

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