Griffith Park Navigation Challenge

The Second Annual Griffith Park Navigation Challenge was a success. Summary results are posted below and detailed spreadsheet is linked. Three controls were missing for all or part of the event (32, 41, 63). Anyone who reported these as missing when they finished received credit for them. In addition, credit for #41 was given to anyone who punched #55 whether or not they reported 41 missing. All other controls were retrieved successfully, so credit was only given if they were properly punched.

Detailed results spreadsheet
Heat Map showing visually how many teams visited each control.

Many thanks to those who helped with this event:
Meet Director/Course Planner: Clare Durand
Control Setting: Viktoria Brautigam, Gary Dolgin, Clare Durand, Steve Durand, Olive and John Kearney
Control Pickup: Clare Durand, Luigi Perotti, Aditya Ponnaluri
Beginner Instruction: Gary Dolgin
General Event Helper: Harvey Woo

OverallPlacein classNameClubPunchesPenaltyScoreTime
11Individual MaleBrian PoonCOC139013903:45:56
22Individual MaleAlexander KuzminNorthern Wind1390-1013804:00:26
33Individual MaleAlex KipermanLAOC127012703:54:34
44Individual MaleLuigi PerottiLAOC126012603:59:52
55Individual MaleJoe HarterNone116011603:57:47
66Individual MaleDavid BlackNone110011003:57:47
71Team MixedMcClanderwalNone108010803:44:46
87Individual MaleJeff LinderLAOC108010803:55:13
91Male MastersEugene KipermanLAOC100010003:51:19
102Team MixedLeeandrewNone1040-509904:05:00
112Male MastersJohn KuechleLAOC9409403:47:39
123Team MixedBrown FoxNone9109103:22:05
134Team MixedWile coyote and the roadrunner None8808803:36:57
1410Individual MaleDavid BurchLAOC8808803:57:41
1511Individual MaleAditya PonnaluriNone890-608304:05:46
163Male MastersScott CobleLAOC7907903:43:24
174Male MastersAllan PincusLAOC7707703:36:00
1814Individual MaleBrad WeyersLAOC7707703:45:12
191Individual FemaleMegan SweasLAOC7707703:45:45
201Team MaleLost TallstridersCOC7607603:51:40
215Team MixedAnnaMikeLAOC7107103:44:25
221Team FemaleTeam CairnsNone6906903:59:54
236Team MixedA Pace OdysseyLAOC6806803:18:34
242Team FemaleBikegirlzLAOC6606603:35:00
252Team MaleTustin Two StepNone6406403:56:03
267Team MixedRocket TeamNone870-2706004:26:32
2715Individual MaleBassam HelouNone810-2405704:23:37
281Team JuniorTeam HurricaneNone650-1105404:10:53
298Team MixedTOTALRIHALNone5005003:43:34
305Male MastersSteve TischlerLAOC4404401:59:33
312Team JuniorTeam TsunamiNone4304303:26:34
323Team JuniorChaffeyNJROTCLAOC3303302:28:23
331Team FamilyWild BrothersNone3303303:08:07
344Team JuniorTeam AvalancheNone2802803:32:49
352Team FamilyTroop 1919None2702703:18:56
362Individual FemaleSusan TischlerLAOC2402401:44:29
376Male MastersScott SchmitzLAOC1801801:22:42
385Team JuniorTeam EarthquakeNone1801803:11:09
Individual FemaleLauren MacMullanLAOC
Lost Card
Individual FemaleTracey RossLAOC500-5000DNF

White Course

2Dakota BartleyNone0:44:50
2Jacques BarnettNone0:44:50
4Girl Scout Troop 60894None0:59:03
5Wild BrothersNone1:04:50
6GS momsNone1:09:55
7Orient to 1st ClassNone1:10:43
8Girl Scouts troop 16635None1:10:50
9Matthew DegenfelderNone1:19:51
9Oliver BergerNone1:19:51
11Bryan HanNone1:46:16
11Giovanni Alvarez-CuevaNone1:46:16

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