Horse Flats Minimalist Meet

This was a small meet on a very old map which has not been used in more than 20 years. Access and parking restrictions have kept LAOC out of the area. We deliberately kept this meet small and low-key. Registration was limited to 50, and about half that number signed up. Only two courses were offered, there was no beginner instruction and no e-punch. All registration and paperwork was done in advance, or at the carpool site, not at the meet site itself. Once participants arrived at the meet site, a table was quickly set up, participants filled out their punch cards and were started with a minimum of fuss. Control pick-up was ably handled by several volunteers, and everybody departed by 2:00PM. The map clearly needs a lot of work before any serious competition can be held on it. But several people commented that they thought the area is a good venue and would like to return. Meet volunteers included: Bruce Corning, course setting, meet directing, working on the map Sue Dekany, who assisted with registration and other issues Andrew Tomlin, who ably managed pre-registration. Kim and Allan Pincus, Gary Dolgin, Sue and Rich Dekany, Eija Hannuksela, control pickup. Out of 17 entries (both individuals and teams), 12 chose the Green or "Hard" course and 5 chose the Orange or "Moderate" course. Marc Triquell posted the fastest time on Green, followed by Finnish visitor Jari Hannuksela and LAOC veteran Eugene Kiperman. Several LAOC stalwarts mispunched on the Green course. On Orange, the fastest time by far was posted by Eija Hannuksela, followed by the team of Steven Sim and Carmen Muhammad.

2.9 km, 110 m climb, 6 controls
Orange (Advanced) Point-to-Point

2a18b8b7-e5d7-6444-4d16-2d680c1f5ff3f1838b04-988b-ee14-35d8-0c246de207f71Eija Hannuksela27:47
38cb87eb-7e0c-2dc4-0902-f79e28c93b2ef1838b04-988b-ee14-35d8-0c246de207f72Steven Sim and Carmen Muhammad64:55
096e9972-9b74-7a44-29ff-89284dd46126f1838b04-988b-ee14-35d8-0c246de207f73End of Line76:48
92bd2236-e248-e634-0d70-95fe9dbe190ef1838b04-988b-ee14-35d8-0c246de207f74Gary Dolgin and Kimo81:00
23e1bbae-8260-2494-8d20-86a8fe934e14f1838b04-988b-ee14-35d8-0c246de207f75Nancy KuechleDNF

5.1 km, 230 m climb, 11 controls
Green (Expert) Point-to-Point

326f2fbb-6471-44b4-59f1-d46c056db296d6b1b3fb-5c74-2484-0d15-b9fbe7db968f1Marc Triquell54:46
ab0e2f21-ecb4-fa04-393d-71d065e8f9f1d6b1b3fb-5c74-2484-0d15-b9fbe7db968f2Jari Hannuksela76:50
b45bd91c-daf3-b214-11fe-493a597db344d6b1b3fb-5c74-2484-0d15-b9fbe7db968f3Eugene Kiperman88:57
c472006c-7d0c-6574-d1f0-59395b027ec4d6b1b3fb-5c74-2484-0d15-b9fbe7db968f4Jacob Teepen97:15
afb0c535-d939-0e44-f978-6e743e7e10b7d6b1b3fb-5c74-2484-0d15-b9fbe7db968f5John Kuechle100:20
56786082-9c77-04c4-554c-9fe4f43620f6d6b1b3fb-5c74-2484-0d15-b9fbe7db968f6Johanna Merriss110:48
9f2f6e3d-152c-88d4-a13e-77503137d4a5d6b1b3fb-5c74-2484-0d15-b9fbe7db968f7Kim and Allan Pincus126:00
88cec661-1d7a-3734-fda1-b2c7152f9a68d6b1b3fb-5c74-2484-0d15-b9fbe7db968f8Speedy Huaraches176:00
a5947b30-32e3-8d94-ddfb-6906c6e12793d6b1b3fb-5c74-2484-0d15-b9fbe7db968f9Bill Smathers182:00
04a8ca98-ca0f-2dc4-f5e8-5e1ecbaedb79d6b1b3fb-5c74-2484-0d15-b9fbe7db968f10Andrew TomlinMP (80:33)
a7726547-cf71-f354-f9c5-43bc96e88ad8d6b1b3fb-5c74-2484-0d15-b9fbe7db968f10Allen HubschMP (91:09)
a10be6be-b6b8-ea24-d166-40b53ce35181d6b1b3fb-5c74-2484-0d15-b9fbe7db968f10Richard DekanyMP (123:08)

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).

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