Irvine Regional Park

Huge thanks to everyone for your understanding and patience with us needing to use a backup computer for this event. Because of that, we did not have the registration data in the computer and had to set everything up on site. We had everyone going through a two-step process after the finish of registering into the computer and then downloading their result. A few people missed this process and we calculated their results from the start and finish lists. Their winsplits show numbers in gray which are just a calculated best guess of about when they got to each control if they didn't make any mistakes.

Thanks to everyone who stepped up to help on this one. In addition to the day of issues, we also needed some last minute help with control hanging when setter Bruce Corning had a family emergency. Sage Thompson picked up the equipment on short notice and passed it off to John Phillips who gave up his Saturday to hang all the controls. And Bruce Garbaccio came out to help when he knew we would likely be short-handed.

Volunteer List:
Meet Director: Clare Durand
Course Setter: Bruce Corning
Control Hanger: John Phillips
Preregistration: Allan Pincus
ePunch: John Phillips and Clare Durand
Results Posting: Rich Hoesly and Alex Kiperman
Registration: Nancy Kuechle and Stacy
Start: Bruce Garbaccio
Finish: Harvey Woo
Control Pick-up: Troy NJROTC, Clare Durand, John Phillips, Bruce Garbaccio
Troy Moms who helped with tons of stuff and wrangling finishers: Sharon, Cecile, and Stacy

Click here for WinSplits
Long Orange (27)5.4 km 95 m13 C
135:51Alex KipermanLAOC
241:41Jacob HookLAOCEldorado
343:33John PhillipsLAOCTroy
446:02Nick HeLAOCTroy
548:30Eugene KipermanLAOC
648:58Steve DurandLAOC
749:36John KuechleLAOC
850:32Todd HookLAOC
951:30Steve TischlerLAOC
1053:38Dilyan KupenovLAOC
1154:09Michael GuerraLAOCTroy
1254:35Cassandra ZamudioLAOCEldorado
1354:53Jeffrey ChanLAOCTroy
1459:26Kelly YuLAOCTroy
151:03:51Sean OnoLAOCTroy
161:04:10Ian HarperLAOC
171:04:35Erik IbarraLAOCEldorado
181:05:51Andre NguyenNone
191:06:39Damon LeeLAOCTroy
201:14:13Kristin LouieLAOCTroy
211:15:07Scott SchmitzLAOC
221:16:45Grace LeeLAOCTroy
231:33:19Gabriela MerinoLAOCEldorado
241:36:24William LauperLAOC
mpAngel Ramos-LopezLAOCEldorado
mpAlain Zelim-VegaLAOCEldorado
dnfCaleb HuangNone
Orange (34)4.3 km 40 m11 C
135:30Jana MazzareseCzech
236:45Junha KimLAOCTroy
338:45Jonah YiLAOCTroy
439:32Kjell JeppsonIF Rigor
539:41Sushovan PyneLAOCTroy
641:06Luis AcevedoLAOCEldorado
742:13Viet TranLAOCTroy
843:19Alex BowmanLAOCTroy
943:59Orlando BrizuelaLAOCEldorado
1044:08Kenny MazzareseCzech
1144:55Issac RamirezNone
1246:52Francisco PallanesLAOCEldorado
1346:54Daniel HongNone
1450:02Ryan NguyenLAOCTroy
1550:56Jeffrey YouLAOCTroy
1652:48Yuliza InfanteLAOCEldorado
1752:55Aidan MasinsinLAOCTroy
1853:30Esmeralda SalcidoNone
1954:29Bethany ReichardNone
2058:50Jakob MorganNone
2158:57Ivan Trillo-LopezLAOCEldorado
221:00:46Alex VoNone
231:06:41Chris HongNone
241:10:02Patricia EliasonLAOC
251:12:00C Asia RayLAOCEldorado
261:17:06Jannely RenderosLAOCEldorado
271:18:37Erin SheppardLAOC
281:18:49Sergio DelgadoLAOCEldorado
291:25:55Geraldo RamirezLAOCEldorado
mpThomas BuiNone
dnfAndrew HuynhNone
dnfJustin FernandezLAOCTroy
dnfKatelyn QuinnNone
dnfDaniel ChungNone
Orange Teams (3)4.3 km 40 m11 C
144:59The Grinches get LostNone
250:19J and TNone
31:30:05Hawthorne CougarsNone
Yellow (23)2.7 km 50 m10 C
124:58Nathan ParkLAOCTroy
226:38Ryan Le-NguyenLAOCTroy
327:05Albert ZouLAOCTroy
430:45James WoffordLAOCTroy
532:44Dev MistryLAOCTroy
633:11Timothy KimLAOCTroy
736:51Adwit AggarwalLAOCTroy
837:03David MirmanLAOC
941:01Alex HeLAOCGoddard
1042:34Andy WangLAOCTroy
1142:50Gabriel RojasLAOCEldorado
1243:24Son NguyenLAOC
1344:41Kyle LinLAOCTroy
1452:36Nikita 2nd PhillipsLAOC
151:09:21Nam NgyuenLAOCTroy
161:39:46Crystal LopezLAOCEldorado
171:43:55Anthony MejiaLAOCEldorado
mpEvan TanLAOCTroy
mpNate BuenaventuraLAOCTroy
dnfYasmeen CabrerLAOCTroy
dnfVictor LeeLAOCTroy
dnfKathryn PerezLAOCEldorado
dnfNancy KuechleLAOC
Yellow Teams (5)2.7 km 50 m10 C
126:59Legends (2nd)None
232:57T314 SNone
453:36Krieger TeamNone
51:04:25Year ZeroNone
White (12)2.5 km 25 m8 C
125:30Nikita PhillipsLAOCPack 1218
230:50David MazzareseCzech
31:06:02Jack CoalsonNone
41:06:03Adam KottkeNone
51:06:04Jack VerityNone
61:08:32Ashton LiuNone
71:09:02Yolanda AverittNone
81:09:03James AverittNone
91:09:09Irene TanNone
101:09:25Victor LiuNone
1111:24:31Alex KakutaniNone
dnfLogan DarosaNone
White Teams (7)2.5 km 25 m8 C
234:44Rychlici - AidenCzech
336:25T 314 ANone
439:29Vincent HernandezNone
554:09CA 091None
61:07:17Lennon ButlerNone
71:10:02T 314 DNone

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