LAOC Schabarum

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Green (16)5.0 km 325 m14 C
158:49Andy Pearsonnone
21:03:18Guillaume CalmettesLAOC
31:13:34Alexander KipermanLAOC
41:34:47Jacob HookLAOCEl Dorado
51:41:34David BurchLAOC
61:43:05Steve DurandLAOC
71:47:44Todd HookLAOC
81:48:58Eugene KipermanLAOC
91:49:26Brad WeyersLAOC
101:54:19Alex PhamLAOCTroy
112:14:30Angel Ramos-LopezLAOCEl Dorado
122:24:49Scott CobleLAOC
132:36:31Veronica ZamudioLAOCEl Dorado
dnfJoseph SaucedoLAOCEl Dorado
dnfPyry Kettunennone
dnfVeljko Kurjaknone
Green Teams (2)5.0 km 325 m14 C
11:39:57A Pace OdysseyLAOC
22:33:40Foo Bearnone
Brown (8)3.2 km 75 m10 C
139:10Steve TischlerLAOC
242:33Alain Zelim-VegaLAOCEl Dorado
344:30Kelly YuLAOCTroy
447:11Grace LeeLAOCTroy
549:52John PhillipsLAOC
655:00Ingvard JakobsenLAOC
71:01:32Chris CassoneLAOC
dnfPatricia Eliasonnone
Orange (22)3.5 km 165 m12 C
137:00Hideto Takahoshinone
243:21Snowden Neillnone
347:21Taylor McClanahannone
450:11Nick HeLAOCTroy
553:04John KuechleLAOC
656:07Andreu SanchezLAOCTroy
71:00:04Viet TranLAOCTroy
81:00:36Fernando MLAOC
91:01:22Pauline Morandnone
101:01:54Sean OnoLAOCTroy
111:03:41John PhillipsLAOCTroy
121:05:54Andy SuLAOCTroy
131:17:37Jossalyn EmslieLAOC
141:20:40Mike NgLAOC
151:21:38Arline MateoLAOCTroy
161:21:45Ian HarperLAOC
171:25:30Kristin LouieLAOCTroy
181:29:33Jaimie NgLAOCTroy
191:38:46Anne MullinsLAOC
201:41:31Casandra ZamudioLAOCEl Dorado
212:00:47Karen SimonLAOC
dnfSon NguyenLAOC
Orange Teams (5)3.5 km 165 m12 C
11:09:42Team LucyLAOC
31:31:23Team Knone
41:36:58Lauper FamilyLAOC
dnfFunky Bunchnone
Yellow (15)2.1 km 45 m11 C
117:06Taylor McClanahannone
217:49Snowden Neillnone
320:48Sejin LeeLAOCTroy
426:29Junha KimLAOCTroy
530:30Jonah YiLAOCTroy
634:15Susan TischlerLAOC
735:26Ryan NguyenLAOCTroy
836:38Rich HoeslyLAOC
940:46Vu Trannone
1045:40Nancy KuechleLAOC
1151:49Andy Channone
1256:34Quan Leenone
1358:30Mary CorroughLAOC
141:10:13Amy Kimnone
151:28:42Andus Van HaoLAOCTroy
dnfDerek Doublinnone
Yellow Teams (17)2.1 km 45 m11 C
131:58He familyLAOC
234:24Team AangLAOC
334:47Troop 1238 Team 1none
436:01Team AvatarLAOC
644:46Foo Bearnone
744:59United Airlinesnone
858:09Happy Carnone
111:05:30John and TamarLAOC
121:05:49Red Falcon 1none
141:51:20Red Falcon 2none
dnfThe Nerd Herdnone
dnfRed Falcon Momnone
White (15)1.7 km 40 m11 C
111:05Jonah YiLAOC
211:37Junha KimLAOC
311:53Sejin LeeLAOC
413:54Andy SuLAOC
515:18Ryan NguyenLAOC
617:18Ivan TrilloLAOCEl Dorado
719:58Donde Goc-OngLAOCEl Dorado
820:10Yuliza InfanteLAOCEl Dorado
924:52Dragan Kupenovnone
1031:54Nikita PhillipsLAOCPack 1218
1132:07Jannely RenderosLAOCEl Dorado
dnfSnowden Neillnone
dnfFiona EngstadLAOC
dnfSofia EngstadLAOC
dnfKatrina Parsomnone
White Teams (10)1.7 km 40 m11 C
143:12AHG CA1565 Bnone
245:18Igoe ClanLAOC
345:29AHG CA1565 ELAOC
549:42AHG CA1565 Cnone
650:42The Red Bluesnone
753:17AHG CA1565 Fnone
854:18Non-illigitimi CarborumdLAOC
959:08AHG CA1565 Anone
101:02:47AHG CA1565 Dnone

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