Mt. Pinos Trail Orienteering Course Notes

Welcome to the Mt. PInos Trail Orienteering Team USA Fundraiser Event!

Pricing: $5 each day or $8 combined price for both days.
All proceeds benefit the OUSA Trail Orienteering team

Saturday Pre-O
Approx. 1.2 km, 5 control clusters, pin punching with special Trail-O control card
IOF symbol descriptions printed on the map
Time Limit: 50 minutes
Start Open from 1:00 to 3:00 at the tables in Group Campground #1. You will be given a start time. After you finish, you will turn in half of your control card for official results.
Solution sheets will be available after the close of the start.
Please do not discuss the Trail-O course with others who have not yet started.
If you are unfamiliar with Trail-O, be sure to read the What is Trail Orienteering? page to get the basics.
Maps will be reserved for those who preregistered. A limited number of maps are available for those who did not preregister. If you did not preregister, you may be asked to turn your map back in for another competitor.

Course Notes:
• Travel only on the campground roads and the nature trail marked as brown infill. All other trails are off-limits.
• Except for control #1, all viewing stations are along the nature trail.
• Please return along the nature trail the same way you went out.
• The map is blown up ISOM with map corrections as necessary to support the Trail-O controls and symbol sizes reduced to appropriate ISSOM size.
• Contours and vegetation were NOT updated unless it was felt to be critical to a control site. These features should be used for solution cautiously.

Scoring: There are no timed controls. Your score will be the number of controls you answered correctly minus any penalty for being overtime (one point per five minutes).

Sunday TempO
Approx. 0.3 km, 3 control clusters, 3 map problems at each viewing station
Time Limit: 90 seconds per station
Please do the TempO BEFORE you run your course
Stations Open from 8:30 to 10:30 am near the Nordic Center Parking Lot. You will receive your control card at the first station. The timer at the final station will collect the control card.
Solution sheets will be available after the close of the start.
Please do not discuss the TempO course with others who have not yet started.
TempO is slightly different. You are required to sit in a chair and solve multiple problems. You try to do this as quickly as possible.

Course Notes:
• The control sites are very close to and possibly visible from the parking. Please compete as quickly as possible and try to avoid analyzing the sites prior to competing.
• At each station you will receive a stack of three maps with a cover sheet.
• Every station has six controls to be labeled A-F.
• Z (none) is an acceptable answer
• As soon as you sit down you will be handed the maps and the timer will let you know when they begin timing.
• As soon as the timing begins you may remove the cover sheet and begin studying the first map.
• Please give your answer by pointing to the appropriate letter on the map board. The timer will record your answer when your finger hits the board.
• After you answer one map flip immediately to the next map and continue.
• Your time ends when you give an answer for the third map in the set.
• You will get a warning when there are 10 seconds left at the station.
• The maps are oriented in the direction that you are sitting and show a north arrow.
• The control descriptions are always oriented with north at the top. This may not be the same orientation as the map.

Scoring: Your score is the total time you took at each station plus 30 seconds for each incorrect answer.

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