Mt Pinos Weekend

June 21 - 22, 2014
Saturday - Sunday

Meet Director Marvin Johnston
Course Setter: Dave Koskenmaki, but he isn't available that weekend to set. So we need volunteers to set the controls out at their flagged positions before each day's event. You can find his Course Setter's Notes here .

Trail Orienteering Basics: explains trail orienteering for beginners
Trail Orienteering Course Notes

The following courses are being offered:

Day 1. Saturday June 21. Start and finish near McGill Campground. Start is 300 m up the trail to the northwest of the campground at the top of a small hill. Finish is on the west side of the campground.

Course Controls Length Climb
White1 9 2.2 km 25 m
Yellow1 9 2.5 km 35 m
Orange1 13 3.5 km 75 m
Brown1 12 4.0 km 100 m
Green1 14 5.2 km 210 m
Red1 15 6.2 km 280 m

Saturday Trail Orienteering mini course will be offered in the afternoon near the campground. This will consist of approximately five Precision Orienteering control sites. In Trail Orienteering, you view a cluster of controls set in the same area and try to determine which one matches the circle on your map. It's harder than it sounds! This is a fundraiser for the USA Trail Orienteering Team.

Day 2. Sunday June 22. Start and finish at Nordic Center parking lot at end of paved road.

Course Controls Length Climb
White2 9 2.0 km 25 m
Yellow2 9 2.4 km 40 m
Orange2 13 3.0 km 125 m
Brown2 9 4.6 km 120 m
Green2 12 5.1 km 170 m
Red2 15 6.3 km 230 m

Sunday Trail Orienteering short TempO course will be offered in the morning near the parking lot. This will consist of approximately three TempO stations. In TempO you view a control cluster and try to solve a series of Trail Orienteering problems as quickly as possible. The course should only take about ten minutes total. This is a fundraiser for the OUSA Trail Orienteering Team.

LAOC has reserved group campsite #1 at McGill, and on Saturday evening there will be a potluck. Please use the "Contact" page to offer your help!

Group camping fee will be $5/person/night
Trail Orienteering fee is $5/day or $8 for both days. All proceeds donated to the OUSA Trail Orienteering Team.

We encourage you to please preregister at the OUSA Event Registration site. See the Prereg section below.

If you cannot preregister, on-site registration will be open during the times displayed in the Schedule section below.

Preregister here!
If you want to see who has already preregistered, you can look up their names here.
Saturday, June 21
9:30 am - 12:00 pmMcGill Campground
1:00 pm - 3:00 pmSaturday Trail-O Precision Orienteering Course
Sunday, June 22
8:30 am - 10:30 amSunday Trail-O TempO Course
8:30 am - 11:00 amNordic Center
Course Details
Course NameLength (km)Climb (m)No. Controls
White (Basic)2.2259
Yellow (Intermediate)2.5359
Orange (Advanced)3.57513
Brown (Expert)410012
Green (Expert)5.221014
Red (Expert)6.228015

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Required Waiver

Minors attending without a parent must bring this required waiver filled out by their parent for each event or they will NOT be allowed to participate. Adults and parents with children may sign the waiver at the event.

About LAOC

LAOC is a volunteer-run club promoting map navigation and enjoyment of the outdoors. Learn more here!

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