NJROTC Area 11 Championships at Vasquez Rocks

January 7, 2018

Vasquez Rocks is our most popular venue. So popular we've had to divide it up into two days to accommodate everyone!

Sunday's NJROTC Championships will have the same courses as Saturday's event.

The JROTC priority registration period has ended. JROTC may continue to register for this event while rental esticks remain. December 28th is the final deadline to register to compete in the Area 11 NJROTC Champioships. Registrations received after that date will not be scored for the competition.

Public registration for this date is now open. Registration is limited by the number of rental esticks we have available. Last year Sunday sold out. There is always space for those who own their own estick.

32 esticks still available for rental

Contact the Meet Director: Clare Durand

Sunday, January 7
9:30 am - 12:00 pmNJROTC Champs: Registration and Check-in
Meet Director:Clare Durand
Course Setter:Clare Durand
Course Setter:Bruce Garbaccio
Course Details
Courses: White (Basic), Yellow (Intermediate), Orange (Advanced), Brown (Expert), Green (Expert), Red (Expert)
Information on registration for NJROTC and COOL units can be found here.
Registration for Sunday is now open to the public while estick rentals last. Vasquez registration
Current registration list

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Required Waiver

Minors attending without a parent must bring this required waiver filled out by their parent for each event or they will NOT be allowed to participate. Adults and parents with children may sign the waiver at the event.

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