NJROTC Area 11 Championships at Vasquez Rocks

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Team Results

PLACETEAMDay 1Team Score Total
1Centennial 2180.00300x
2Troy Varsity195.07270x
3Centennial 1x240x
4Coronado Varsityx210x
5El Camino Real Varsityx180x
6Eldorado Varsity Ax150x
7Eldorado Varsity Bx120x
8Hawthorne Varsityx90x
9Pacifica Team Onex60x
10Point Loma Varsityx30x
11Santa Ana Varsityx0x
PLACETEAMDay 1Team Score Total
1Troy JV One213.20200x
2Troy JV Two237.79180x
3La Habra JV250.04160x
4Pacifica Team Two342.18140x
5Chaparral Team Onex120x
6Chaparral Team Twox100x
7Coronado JVx80x
8El Camino Real JVx60x
9Eldorado JV Ax40x
10Eldorado JV Bx20x
11Hawthorne JVx0x
12Narbonne JVx x
13Point Loma JVx x
14Santa Ana JVx x
NJROTC 9th Grade
PLACETEAMDay 1Team Score Total
1Troy Freshman219.70xx
2Pacifica Freshman227.53xx
3El Camino Realxxx
4Santa Ana Freshmanxxx

Individual Results

White (3)2.5 km 0 m10 C
11:03:17Erin SheppardNoneEldorado
White Team (2)2.5 km 0 m10 C
dnfSanta Ana 1NoneSanta Ana
Yellow (7)2.9 km 0 m13 C
11:46:37Sage CurradoLAOC
dnfSingley Seth
dnfNicholas Arrieta
dnfNathan Kibbe
dnfSon Nguyen
Yellow Team (7)2.9 km 0 m13 C
11:16:28Santa Ana 2LAOCSanta Ana
21:26:24ECR NJROTC 6NoneEl Camino Real
31:41:17ECR NJROTC 4NoneEl Camino Real
41:52:03ECR NJROTC 3NoneEl Camino Real
51:56:18ECR NJROTC 5NoneEl Camino Real
62:02:32ECR NJROTC 2NoneEl Camino Real
dnfECR NJROTC 1NoneEl Camino Real
Orange (6)3.8 km 0 m12 C
12:41:03Mike Ng
dnfKayla Wang
dnfJonah Calloway
dnfSarah Miyashiro
dnfDeandre Walter
dnfJJ Johnson
Orange Team (1)3.8 km 0 m12 C
12:47:59Point Loma NJROTC LadiesNonePoint Loma
Brown (5)3.7 km 0 m9 C
11:12:43Todd HookLAOCEldorado
22:02:42Jake and Sarah
dnfPatricia EliasonLAOCEldorado
dnfRich HoeslyLAOC
dnfBrighton McDonald
Green (5)4.8 km 0 m14 C
22:07:49Bruce CorningLAOC
dnfRamon Gomez
dnfMario Cortez
dnfEvan Garcia
Red (1)5.6 km 0 m16 C
11:03:47Ove OksvoldNone
Frosh Female (5)2.9 km 0 m13 C
11:41:20Wendy TranNonePacifica
22:00:32Van NguyenNonePacifica
dnfJeanie NguyenNonePacifica
Frosh Male (13)2.9 km 0 m13 C
11:11:06John PhillipsLAOCTroy
21:11:10Junha KimLAOCTroy
31:19:31Tony GomezNoneSanta Ana
41:33:36Kevin LeNonePacifica
51:46:25Dean DangNonePacifica
61:49:33Jakob MorganNonePacifica
72:08:26Jonah YiLAOCTroy
82:30:21Nathanael KayeLuthern
92:33:28Liam BasingerNonePacifica
102:43:41Dylan LeahyLuthern
otRyan NguyenLAOCTroy
dnfRyan MusialNonePoint Loma
dnfJustin PhamNonePacifica
JV Female (28)3.8 km 0 m12 C
12:29:10Jamie NgLAOCTroy
22:44:29Sophia TorresNoneCoronado
33:46:07Mary Klaire JamandreNonePacifica
otArline MateoLAOCTroy
otPita LopezNoneCoronado
otKristin LouieLAOCTroy
dnfEsmeralda MondragonLAOCSanta Ana
dnfDaniela SolanoNoneSanta Ana
dnfTiffany FarinaNoneLa Habra
dnfLynette SantiagoNoneNarbonne
dnfKatie WentzloffLAOCEldorado
dnfKyraia PaduaNoneNarbonne
dnfHannah OngoganNoneNarbonne
dnfGabriela MontesNoneNarbonne
dnfSamantha SelayaNoneChaparral
dnfEmily ArceNoneLa Habra
dnfLeslie GalindoNoneNarbonne
dnfAnne EdwardsNoneLa Habra
dnfCasandra ZamudioLAOCEldorado
dnfValeria TorresNoneChaparral
dnfYuliza InfanteLAOCEldorado
dnfGabriela MerinoLAOCEldorado
dnfAmy NguyenNonePacifica
JV Male (56)3.8 km 0 m12 C
11:22:22Gavin KingmanLAOCLa Habra
21:30:13Sean OnoLAOCTroy
31:43:52Damon LeeLAOCTroy
41:59:55Julio PerezLAOCEldorado
52:05:03Sushovan PyneLAOCTroy
62:08:13Ryan KomasaNonePoint Loma
72:15:55Nick HeLAOCTroy
82:24:48Chris MontesLAOCLa Habra
92:25:59Brendan RasmussenNonePoint Loma
102:26:52Viet TranLAOCTroy
112:29:56Matthew LeeLAOCTroy
122:34:15Nick BungcayaoNonePacifica
132:36:51Angel MonobeLAOCLa Habra
142:44:28Matt SchnappaufNoneCoronado
152:50:05Evan BoasNoneChaparral
162:55:55Matthew ReardonNonePacifica
otJosh KellyNoneCoronado
otRichard NgoNonePacifica
otAlex ChangLAOCTroy
otEric SonLAOCTroy
otPatrick TanLAOCTroy
otJose EspejoLAOCEldorado
dnfTye SlaterNoneChaparral
dnfAaron BurrisNonePoint Loma
dnfAlain Zelim-VegaLAOCEldorado
dnfFrank AlfaroLAOCSanta Ana
dnfVictor RiveraLAOCSanta Ana
dnfCristobal GallardoLAOCSanta Ana
dnfIvan TrilloLAOCEldorado
dnfJustin FernandezLAOCTroy
dnfJonathan VenegasNoneEl Camino Real
dnfFranky GonzalezLAOCSanta Ana
dnfChristian MoralesLAOCEldorado
dnfJoseph AlvaradoNoneSanta Ana
dnfJonathon MondragonLAOCSanta Ana
dnfJeffrey ChanLAOCTroy
dnfElian OrtegaNonePoint Loma
dnfAndreu SanchezLAOCTroy
dnfTrent BenNoneEl Camino Real
dnfMichael HernandezNoneEl Camino Real
dnfLuis CarapiaLAOCSanta Ana
dnfDakota DuffyNoneChaparral
dnfKevin KimLAOCTroy
dnfAndre LeijaNoneLa Habra
dnfJosue HernandezNoneLa Habra
dnfNathaniel ParisotNoneChaparral
dnfJaone GacuyaNoneChaparral
dnfDiego DiazLAOCEldorado
Varsity Female (14)3.7 km 0 m9 C
12:08:01Grace LeeLAOCTroy
22:22:47Bailey PollockLuthern
32:35:59Hayley CatalanLuthern
42:43:49Kelly YuLAOCTroy
otAngel CardNoneCentennial
otVienna BradberryNoneCentennial
dnfJessyca OcampoLAOCSanta Ana
dnfRegan HandNoneCentennial
dnfJhannen YapNoneEl Camino Real
dnfCasey LiNonePacifica
dnfJuliana HwangNonePacifica
dnfAndrea MorganNoneHawthorne
dnfAutumn CardNoneCentennial
dnfJoanna HwangNonePacifica
Varsity Male (37)4.8 km 0 m14 C
11:27:25Thairras LaxtonNoneCentennial
22:31:20Chase KadelNoneCentennial
32:36:16Jacob JankowskiNoneCentennial
42:37:58Alex PhamLAOCTroy
52:44:11Jacob HookLAOCEldorado
62:50:28Andrew FisakNonePoint Loma
72:57:51Duane GriffinLAOCTroy
otCaleb HuangNonePacifica
otMorgan MelbyNonePoint Loma
dnfWilliam CookNonePoint Loma
dnfBryant DeleonNoneCentennial
dnfMichael GuerraLAOCTroy
dnfDonde Goc-OngLAOCEldorado
dnfGabriel PenceNoneCentennial
dnfAlfred SolimanNoneCentennial
dnfKainoa PotterNoneCoronado
dnfJoshua St. MaryNoneCentennial
dnfDylan AndersonNonePacifica
dnfJavier MorenoNoneHawthorne
dnfElder MoralesNoneSanta Ana
dnfSean CaulfieldNonePoint Loma
dnfLuis HernandezLAOCSanta Ana
dnfBryan MezaNoneHawthorne
dnfWilliam TholkeNoneEl Camino Real
dnfSheldon AlcantraNoneCentennial
dnfNoah SchmidNoneCoronado
dnfChris WheelerNoneEl Camino Real
dnfAngel Ramos-LopezLAOCEldorado
dnfShaun McCartneyNoneCoronado
dnfThai TranNoneEl Camino Real
dnfTrey SummersNoneCoronado
dnfErik IbarraLAOCEldorado
dnfJoseph SaucedoLAOCEldorado
dnfVicente DominguezNonePoint Loma
dnfJose BurciagaLAOCEldorado
dnfFelix MartinezLAOCEldorado
dnfRandall ReedLAOCEldorado

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