PCC Orienteering

March 9, 2014

Courses designed by Will Hubsch.
Allen Hubsch will be the Meet Director.

Annual General Meeting - Has been moved to April 13th at Lake Balboa as two proposals are not going to be ready in March.

This event is part of the California Outdoor Orienteering League (COOL):
PRIMARY and INTERMEDIATE level will earn points based only on SHORT course time.
JV will earn points based on COMBINED SHORT and MIDDLE course time.
VARSITY will earn points based on COMBINED time for ALL THREE courses.

Join us in Pasadena for a day of sprint orienteering on the Pasadena City College campus! After finishing the Short course, you can go back out on the Middle, and then out on the Long. There are no overlapping controls, so you’ll get lots of new experience with each course. After each course, each competitor will download, and take as long as they need to recover before going back out. Then they will go out on the next course after checking back in at the start line.

Course Stats:

Short: 0.7km 7 controls
Middle: 0.8km 10 controls
Long: 1.5km 14 controls

-The Short course is a white/yellow combination, and should be quick for more experienced runners.
-The Middle course is an orange course and introduces route choices and closer map reading.
-The Long course is an advanced course with emphasis on route choice, good flow, reading ahead, and control descriptions.
-Keep in mind that the course distances measure straight-line distance, and don’t account for going around buildings or other obstacles.

Results may be both overall (everyone who did your course combination) and by course (everyone who did that course). The registration area will be at the picnic tables just outside of the “Lancer’s Pass Cafeteria” in the center of the campus. Starts are between 10 AM and 12 PM.

There are no street crossings as PCC is all on one block, and no threat of being completely lost. That being said, there are some technical areas where slowing down might be necessary. Going inside any building is NOT permitted.

Preregistration is closed. You can register onsite at PCC.

Pasadena City College, Central Campus, Pasadena, CA

Located in Pasadena. Take the 210. Exit Hill. Go South past Colorado Blvd to the parking lots. Parking on campus in Lots 3 or 4, in the southwest corner of the campus, is recommended. Parking fees, $2, are payable at kiosks in or near the parking lots.
Sunday, March 9
10:00 am - 12:00 pm2014-04-09 10:00:00 Pasadena City College Sprint: Start Window
Location Details

Pasadena City College
Central Campus
Pasadena, CA
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Parking on campus in Lots 3 or 4, in the southwest corner of the campus, is recommended. Parking fees are payable at kiosks in or near the parking lots.
Course Details
Courses: Advanced, Basic, Intermediate

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Required Waiver

Minors attending without a parent must bring this required waiver filled out by their parent for each event or they will NOT be allowed to participate. Adults and parents with children may sign the waiver at the event.

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