Photo-O Easter Hunt

April 10 - 13, 2020
Friday - Monday


The map and pictures are still available for anyone who wants to try it out. The official entry form has been closed. Only those who entered before solutions were posted will appear in the results. Thanks for playing!

Because the parks are closed, this will now be a virtual egg hunt. Links to the documents will be revealed Friday morning, April 10. Results will be posted on Tuesday for everyone who submits a result by Monday at Midnight.

How to play:

(1) The map
This is a map of Marie Kerr park in Palmdale, printed at 1:3,000 scale. The map has 20 control circles numbered 1-20. At the center of each circle I placed an easter egg and then took a picture.

(2) The pictures
This is a Flickr album of the pictures. The first picture shows the six eggs used so you can see their colors. Pink and purple may be difficult to tell apart so be careful.
The pictures are labeled with letters "Picture A" through "Picture T." Each picture goes with one of the circles, but they are mixed up. You need to figure out which picture is of which circle, Keep in mind that they might be taken from any angle.
Once you decide which picture goes with a circle, zoom in on the point that is the center of the circle (it might not be the center of the picture) and you should see the egg. Make note of it's color.

When you've finished, reward yourself with a nice chocolate bunny!
Happy Hunting!

Link below is broken. To contact the event director email Clare Durand

Friday, April 10
9:00 am - 11:59 pmEaster Photo-O
Course Setter:Clare Durand
Results and Solutions
Results and solutions will be posted on Tuesday, April 14.
The game will remain available for anyone who still wants to play, but late submissions will not appear in the results.
Registration and Fees
Preregistration is not required. Just do the course, then fill out the answer form.
This event is open to the public for free. Have fun!
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