Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock was a great day (although a little windy). Thanks to everyone who made the drive (including a visitor from Sweden!) and especially to our helpers:

Meet Director/Registration: Clare Durand
Course Setters/Start: Tony and Erin Lyscio
Online preregistration: Allan Pincus
Epunch: Rich Hoesly
Finish: John Phillips, Bruce Garbaccio, and some NJROTC helpers
Results: John Phillips
Control Pickup: Eldorado NJROTC, Erin Lyscio, Tony Lyscio, Clare Durand, Kim Pincus, Allan Pincus

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Red (1)7.0 km 280 m15 C
11:45:39Duane GriffinLAOCTroy
Red Teams (1)7.0 km 280 m15 C
Green (13)5.8 km 230 m15 C
151:37Jacob HookLAOCEl Dorado
253:08Angel Ramos LopezLAOCEl Dorado
359:43Joseph Saucedo (2nd)LAOC
41:03:47Erik Ibarra (2nd)LAOC
51:11:01Todd HookLAOC
51:11:01Alex PhamLAOCTroy
71:12:43Michael GuerraLAOCTroy
81:13:24Gene MasonLAOC
91:21:50Phillip KimLAOCTroy
101:37:37Allan PincusLAOC
111:40:08Brad WeyersLAOC
121:44:42John Phillips IVLAOC
dnfFelix Martinez (2nd)LAOC
Brown (8)4.9 km 150 m11 C
11:16:46Grace LeeLAOCTroy
21:17:49Bruce GarbaccioLAOC
31:19:57Scott SchmitzLAOC
41:24:03Kelly YuLAOCTroy
51:52:04Kim PincusLAOC
61:54:35Young Grasshoppers (Team)none
dnfPatricia Eliasonnone
dnfGabriele Merino (2nd)LAOC
Orange (32)3.9 km 180 m11 C
138:07John Phillips V (2nd)LAOC
239:59Nick HeLAOCTroy
340:19Damon LeeLAOCTroy
442:22Joseph SaucedoLAOCEl Dorado
544:14Sean OnoLAOCTroy
646:18Felix MartineznoneEl Dorado
750:12Kjell JeppsonIF Rigor
850:56Erik IbarraLAOCEl Dorado
954:01Sushovan PyneLAOCTroy
1058:00Brian LiuLAOC
1159:27Arline MateoLAOCTroy
121:01:01Kevin KimLAOCTroy
131:01:16Jamie NgLAOCTroy
141:01:34Eric SonLAOCTroy
151:02:08Andy SuLAOCTroy
161:03:02Ed ThompsonLAOC
171:03:08Katie WentzloffLAOCEl Dorado
181:03:16Riley CurradoLAOC
191:03:53Jossalyn EmslieLAOC
201:04:34Mike NgLAOC
211:15:48Gabriela MerinoLAOCEl Dorado
221:17:10Diego DiazLAOCEl Dorado
231:19:07Donde Goc-Ong (3ed)LAOC
241:22:41Willaim Laupernone
251:25:10Alex ChangLAOCTroy
261:26:59Ivan Trillo (3ed)LAOC
271:28:16Kristin LouieLAOCTroy
281:33:59Rich HoeslyLAOC
292:05:05Sage CurradoLAOC
mpMitch BoucherLAOCTroy
dnfJunha Kim (2nd)LAOC
dnfAndreu SanchezLAOCTroy
Yellow (16)3.6 km 100 m12 C
132:57John PhillipsLAOCTroy
236:04Jeffrey ChanLAOCTroy
337:31Donne Goc-Ong (2nd)LAOC
439:54Junha KimLAOCTroy
540:10Viet TranLAOCTroy
648:25Andy MasonLAOC
749:18Andus Van HaoLAOCTroy
850:25Alex MasonLAOC
952:26Ivan Trillo (2nd)LAOC
1053:29Sejin LeeLAOCTroy
1159:42Yuliza Infante (2nd)LAOC
121:01:40Christian Morales (2nd)LAOC
131:23:42Justin FernandezLAOCTroy
141:37:42Ryan NguyenLAOCTroy
151:53:15Jannely Renderos(2nd)LAOC
mpAlex AnnLAOC
Yellow Teams (1)3.6 km 100 m12 C
mpCoffee Lovers +LAOC
White (7)2.5 km 40 m8 C
123:25Ivan TrillononeEl Dorado
224:43Jeffery YouLAOCTroy
324:53Donde Goc-OngnoneEl Dorado
443:23Christian MoralesnoneEl Dorado
548:03Ruslan IbragimovLAOCTroy
61:10:52Yuliza InfantenoneEl Dorado
71:22:45Jannely RenderosnoneEl Dorado
White Teams (1)2.5 km 40 m8 C
158:06Wonder WomenLAOC

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