Red Rock Canyon

It was a gorgeous day at Red Rock Canyon. Thanks to all who made the long drive out there. Courses were pretty fast, and we were able to pick-up and get done fairly early. Alex Kiperman whizzed through the Red course and Eldorado took the top three places on Green. That should open up a wider lead for them for the Varsity COOL competition.

Thanks to all the volunteers:
Meet Director/Course Setter - Clare Durand
Online Preregistration - Allan Pincus
Registration - Clare Durand
epunch - Rich Hoesly
Start - Bruce Garbaccio, James Wofford
Finish - Harvey Woo
Control Pick-up - Darren Robinson, Bruce Garbaccio, Alex and Eugene Kiperman, Nguyen Family, Rich Hoesly

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Red (4)6.5 km 260 m15 C
150:08Alexander KipermanLAOC
21:46:34Eugene KipermanLAOC
32:04:39Brad WeyersLAOC
42:06:32Christina Aumannnone
Green (18)5.0 km 200 m13 C
146:55Angel Ramos-LopezLAOCElDorado
249:49Jacob HookLAOCElDorado
354:14Alex Bowman (2nd)LAOC
454:42Joseph SaucedoLAOCElDorado
554:51John Phillips VLAOCTroy
654:57Todd HookLAOC
755:45Jacob Jankowskinone
856:11Michael GuerraLAOCTroy
957:24Alfred Solimannone
1057:56Erik IbarraLAOCElDorado
1159:41Mike ChinLAOC
121:01:20Alain Zelim-VegaLAOCElDorado
131:02:49Chase Kadelnone
141:14:13Ryan Lee (2nd)LAOC
151:17:01Gene MasonLAOC
161:30:48Bruce GarbaccioLAOC
171:36:57William LauperLAOC
182:11:00John PhillipsLAOC
Green Teams (1)5.0 km 200 m13 C
11:25:29Maddie and KaraLAOC
Brown (8)3.5 km 130 m11 C
141:02Casandra ZamudioLAOCElDorado
248:16John KuechleLAOC
353:44Angel Cardnone
41:01:53Rachael Andrewsnone
51:05:00Sage ThompsonLAOC
61:08:00Darren RobinsonLAOC
71:10:34Faye DoriaUNO
81:14:17Gabriela MerinoLAOCElDorado
Orange (31)3.6 km 105 m11 C
135:31Nichoals Bowman (2nd)none
236:53Jacob Jankowski (2nd)LAOC
338:58Jonah YiLAOCTroy
442:39Francisco PallanesLAOCElDorado
546:41Alex BowmanLAOCTroy
650:00Sergio DelgadoLAOCElDorado
750:38Orlando BrizuelaLAOCElDorado
852:50Ryan Lee-NguyenLAOCTroy
953:10Chloe Jankowskinone
1053:47Toby's OwnersLAOC
1153:55Wayne Cottrell (2nd)none
1153:55Kyle Parontonone
1355:07Noah HagerLAOCTroy
1457:59Luis AcevedoLAOCElDorado
1558:05Aidan MasinsinLAOCTroy
1659:22Angle Card (2nd)LAOC
171:01:40Patricia EliasonLAOC
181:06:48Jossalyn EmslieLAOC
191:07:23Austin Yanotinone
201:11:37Jason Furrnone
211:12:02Brighton McDonaldnone
221:14:17C Asia RayLAOCElDorado
231:23:25Yuliza InfanteLAOCElDorado
241:24:20Christopher Mohrnone
251:28:24Regan Handnone
261:37:18Joelyn Weathersnone
271:40:35Geraldo RamirezLAOCElDorado
281:44:45Benson BassLAOCElDorado
291:45:10Erin SheppardLAOC
dnfBrian HallLAOCTroy
dnfChase Kadel (2nd)LAOC
Orange Teams (1)3.6 km 105 m11 C
mpAir Conditioning ReimagiLAOC
Yellow (19)2.8 km 75 m11 C
123:40Evan TanLAOCTroy
224:53Wayne Cottrellnone
326:19Nick Bowmannone
427:15Andy WangLAOCTroy
528:40James WoffordLAOCTroy
629:21Nathan ParkLAOCTroy
733:20Albert ZouLAOCTroy
836:30Timothy KimLAOCTroy
938:00Alex MasonLAOC
1038:30Gabriel RojasLAOCElDorado
1141:47David AlcantaraLAOCTroy
1242:52Adwit AggarwalLAOCTroy
1357:56Nancy KuechleLAOC
141:12:32Alex HeLAOCGoddard
151:14:03Theresa Huangnone
161:35:10Suzanne Lylenone
mpAnthony MejiaLAOCElDorado
dnfBrichcon McDonald (2nd)LAOC
dnfAlfred Soliman (2nd)LAOC
Yellow Teams (2)2.8 km 75 m11 C
136:13Lynn and JorgeLAOC
21:04:30West GGnone
White (1)2.3 km 30 m9 C
130:32Nikita PhillipsLAOCPack #1218
White Teams (2)2.3 km 30 m9 C
128:31Team DTILAOC

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