Red Rock Canyon

Thanks to the volunteers who helped make this meet at success:

Meet Director: Clare Durand
Course Setters: Marc Triquell and Clare Durand
epunch: Rich Hoesly
Starts: Bruce Garbaccio and Victoriya Phillips
Finish: Sharon Xing-He and Troy helpers
Control Pickup: Troy NJROTC, Rich Hoesly, Bruce Garbaccio

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Red (1)  6.6 km 200 m  16 C
11:38:05Alex BowmanMLAOCTroy
Green (8)  5.2 km 200 m  14 C
153:57Nick HeMLAOCTroy
255:54Jacob JankowskiMnone
356:01John PhillipsMLAOCTroy
457:46Alfred SolimanMnone
51:03:21Jonah YiMLAOCTroy
61:09:04Michael GuerraMnone
71:18:48Angel CardFnone
81:26:48Bruce GarbaccioMLAOC
Brown (8)  4.0 km 130 m  12 C
156:26Ragan JonesMnone
257:00Kjell JeppsonMnone
358:15Jaimie NgFLAOCTroy
41:10:42Scott SchmitMLAOC
51:27:35Chloe JankowskiFnone
61:38:20John Phillips IVMLAOC
72:01:15Anne MullinsFLAOC
82:06:41James LyleMnone
Orange (11)  3.5 km 105 m  12 C
141:05Evan TanMLAOCTroy
242:03Nicholas BowmanMnone
349:48James WoffordMLAOCTroy
451:42Ryan NguyenMLAOCTroy
551:58Ashton PerriMnone
659:24Rene DeynesMnone
759:33Honglin WangMLAOCTroy
81:12:12James LauperMLAOC
91:28:17Alex HeMLAOCCSArts
101:34:32Joelyn WeatherFnone
111:35:47Nam NguyenMLAOCTroy
Orange Teams (5)  3.5 km 105 m  12 C
153:28Troy #1MLAOCTroy
31:11:37Insanes in the membraneFLAOC
41:23:17USC SingersMnone
dnfTeam JacksonMLAOC
Yellow (14)  3.3 km 75 m  11 C
137:27Dimitri KouloumbisMLAOCTroy
239:27Gary WongMLAOCTroy
344:43Jesse JamesMLAOCTroy
445:56Sebastian LimongiMnone
551:17Jessica FoltinFnone
655:30Priscilla CasasFLAOCTroy
71:00:33Conner PollMnone
81:03:27Joseph HeMLAOC
91:08:06Nikita Phillips (2nd)MLAOC
101:11:26Wesley LowMLAOCTroy
111:12:17Brian PhanMLAOCTroy
121:14:20Kyle JiangMLAOCTroy
131:31:15Emily JohnsonFnone
141:43:49Cecilia DoFLAOCTroy
Yellow Teams (1)  3.3 km 75 m  11 C
dnfDog LoverMnone
White (1)  2.4 km 30 m  9 C
128:36Nikita PhillipsMLAOCTroop 97

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