Santa Fe Dam

Thanks to the participants for their patience with our late start at Santa Fe Dam. The start crew managed to get everyone out quickly and the event actually finished ahead of schedule. It was a gorgeous, dry day. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped to make this event a success:

Meet Director: Clare Durand
Course Setter: Scott Schmitz
Apprentice Course Setter: Craig Triance
Registration: Jossalyn Emslie and Michelle Chuang
Epunch: Rich Hoesly, Allan Pincus, Alex Kiperman
Starts: Bruce Garbaccio, Craig Triance, Kim Pincus
Finish: Harvey Woo and Winkie
Control Pickup: Scott Schmitz, Joe Vlietstra, Palos Verdes AFJROTC, Hawthorne NJROTC

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Orange (14)4.9 km10 C
156:46Clare DurandLAOC
21:13:34Steven Dentalinone
31:34:16Bruce GarbaccioLAOC
41:36:54Leo Linnone
51:37:43Allan PincusLAOC
61:45:32Darren RobinsonLAOC
71:47:08Cherry Ipnone
81:47:35Karen MurphyLAOC
91:47:39Pedro Lomasnone
102:14:50Angel Ramos-Lopeznone
112:29:10Tracey RossLAOC
122:39:03Alaniz Martineznone
dnfRowena Beesonnone
dnfCasandra Zamudionone
Orange Teams (15)4.9 km10 C
11:16:17Team DustBunniesLAOC
21:28:12ECR NJROTC 1none
41:37:32Racin' MasonsLAOC
51:45:15UR Herenone
61:49:29The Teamnone
71:54:16BSA Troop 261none
81:57:48General MotorsLAOC
92:18:44T411 Team 2none
102:20:00T411 Team 1none
112:22:28ECR NJROTC 2none
122:40:03T411 Team 3none
132:40:33Hawthorne NJROTC cougarsnone
dnfParates 2LAOC
dnfParates 1none
Yellow (14)4.0 km11 C
143:33Joseph Saucedonone
255:30Walter HodgsonLAOC
356:18Scott DeYoungnone
459:14Richard HoeslyLAOC
559:25Susan TischlerLAOC
61:01:30Ryan DekanyLAOC
71:04:51Catherine ZhouLAOC
81:12:08Wayne Cottrellnone
91:12:50Jossalyn EmslieLAOC
101:24:23Katie Wentzloffnone
111:39:39Karen SimonLAOC
mpTrina HodgsonLAOC
mpBethany ReichardLAOC
dnfLouis Ngnone
Yellow Teams (14)4.0 km11 C
245:02AFJROTC Team Charlienone
346:40PL 2none
454:39Parates 1LAOC
51:02:36PL 4none
61:10:07Parates 2LAOC
71:11:55Team Mannnone
81:12:15Coffee Loversnone
91:12:44Sally Omalleynone
101:14:55Monrovia HikersLAOC
121:35:52PL 5none
131:36:36PL 3none
141:38:47PL 1none
White (6)2.7 km10 C
134:00Samantha HookLAOC
245:12Caroline CallanLAOC
345:34Nikita PhillipLAOC
446:59Michelle Chuangnone
554:39Becky ReichardLAOC
dnfAlia VerggaraLAOC
White Teams (12)2.7 km10 C
333:24AFJROTC Team Alphanone
444:24Deerhead 2LAOC
546:02Team AlessaLAOC
647:30Dearhead 1LAOC
755:05Pam, Lucas, Antonionone
81:10:20BSA Troop 2none
91:11:49Blue Lemursnone
101:16:22True Northnone
dnfDa Boss SistasLAOC
dnfAFJROTC Team Bravonone
Advanced (18)6.3 km11 C
158:19Alex KipermanLAOC
21:19:24Karel Stastnynone
31:26:54Richard DekanyLAOC
41:31:30Eugene KipermanLAOC
51:31:59Evgeniy BackievCAOC
61:33:43David SaundersLAOC
71:53:48Jim Holdennone
81:58:58Veronica Zamudionone
92:00:48Kim PincusLAOC
102:02:01Steve TischlerLAOC
112:04:17James Zamoranone
122:28:25Ian HarperLAOC
132:31:56Daniel Gutierreznone
142:52:21Misael Arambulanone
dnfJacob HookLAOC
dnfPatricia Eliasonnone
dnfDonna Websternone
dnfTodd HookLAOC
Advanced Teams (3)6.3 km11 C
11:21:14Off-Course Navnone
22:07:02Mike and AnnaLAOC
32:21:23Asuza RoksLAOC

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Required Waiver

Minors attending without a parent must bring this required waiver filled out by their parent for each event or they will NOT be allowed to participate. Adults and parents with children may sign the waiver at the event.

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