Santa Fe Dam Relay Team Results

4-Loop Teams
Team Name Total Time Red Orange Yellow White
The Russians 2:29:58 Alex Kiperman Mikhail Brushtunov Eugene Kiperman Svetlana Lavrova
J-Cast 3:09:02 Joel Thomson Terry Churchill Ahmed Pierstorff Steven Sim/Carmen Muhammad
Kimo Therapy 3:42:12 Scott Schmitz Gary W. Dolgin Aldo Arce/Joe Villa Rich Smith/Richie Smith
We Like Cookies MSP Clare Durand Svetlana Shofman Vadim Shofman Eduardo Hernandez/Marcela Silva
Bolshevik Party of America MSP Jacob Teepen Alan Ann Andrew Kim Jasmine Ng
A-Team MSP Franco Arevalo Robert Edwards Christina Domingo Chris Guerra
The Dream Followers MSP Matthew Sprengel Jeremy Viele Jacob Alvarez Amy Stubblefield
Glad Lions MSP Andrew Tomlin Jeanette Lisak-Phillips/Michael Phillips Yescica Bernal/Alec Villa Daniel Ramirez
Wile Coyotes MSP Allen Hubsch Christian Bower Mike Bennett/Danielle Lopez Max Gaglio/Joanne Gaglio
3-Loop Teams
Team Name Total Time Orange Yellow White
Kobe Clutch DNS on Orange Evan Yamanaka/Riley Matsuda Karen Juarez/Mariel Martinez Andrew Austin
The B-Team DNS on Orange Alexandra Martinez/Leslie Vasquez Chanson Ching/Trenton Ching Alex Schwartz
Old & Slow/New & No Clue MSP Richard Hoesly Harvey Woo Dylan Applegate
Spam MSP Quinten Rodrigues Jose Ambriz/Jeorge Durant Jimu Isogai
Mission Possible MSP Dean Yamanaka Paul Wendee/Patricia Brown Ryan hino
Bull Dogs MSP Anthony Simons/Luna Trejo Vinh Huynh Rami Mamita
Flamefist MSP Justin Caballes/Pasadena Cadet Lorena Ancona/Janelle Ancona Jacob Flynn
Will Can Do MSP Brent Schwartz/Thomas Drescher David Brook/Damon Brook Will Brandt
The Flying Anconas MSP Don Sieveke/Sharon King Joaquin Ancona/Steven Ancona Jakob Klinenberg
Team Azusa 2 MSP Steve Churchill Ariel Mutsears/Robert Del toro Edward Hernandez/Isaac Franco

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