The first COOL meet of the season was a challenge based on the results. Troy swept the meet with Varsity winners Alex Pham and Kelly Yu, JV winner Damon Lee, and Intermediate winner John Phillips. El Dorado and Santa Ana are also off to strong starts, with only a point separating the teams in the JV category.
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Steve Durand braved the 7 km Red course alone in a time just seconds over two hours. Green winners were the always strong A Pace Odyssey team. Bruce Garbaccio took the honors on Brown.

Thanks to the many volunteers who helped make the meet a success and to the folks at Long Beach BSA for allowing us to use their camp.

Meet Director - Clare Durand
Course Setter - Mike Reason
Online Preregistration - Allan Pincus
On site Registration - Clare Durand
Epunch - Rich Hoesly
Start - Mike and Denise Reason
Finish/Results - Harvey Woo
Control Pickup - Mike Reason, Bruce Garbaccio, Allan Pincus, Erin and Tony Lyscio, Bruce Corning, Kim Pincus, plus someone whose name is illegible on my list.

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Red (1)7.0 km 260 m27 C
12:00:11Steve DurandLAOC
Green (16)5.7 km 190 m24 C
11:23:56Mike ChinLAOC
21:28:23Alex PhamLAOCTroy
31:36:55Allan PincusLAOC
41:43:04Jacob HookLAOCEl Dorado
51:47:19Kimberly PincusLAOC
61:51:39Bruce CorningLAOC
71:54:24Angel Ramos-LopezLAOCEl Dorado
81:54:29Duane GriffinLAOCTroy
91:56:02Todd HookLAOCEl Dorado
102:06:48Lars-Eric Borgenone
112:16:08Michael GuerraLAOCTroy
122:25:17Wilfred GarandLAOC
132:44:43Veronica ZamudioLAOCEl Dorado
dnfLuis HernandezLAOCSanta Anna
dnfAndreu SanchezLAOCTroy
dnfPatrick TanLAOCTroy
Green Teams (2)5.7 km 190 m24 C
11:20:41A Pace OdysseyLAOC
22:16:33Bulldog VarsityLAOCCentennial
Brown (7)3.5 km 100 m17 C
11:23:58Bruce GarbaccioLAOC
21:50:01John Phillips IVLAOC
31:50:36Rich HoeslyLAOC
41:54:18Kelly YuLAOCTroy
52:04:54Grace LeeLAOCTroy
62:34:37Pattie EliasonLAOC
dnfJessyca OcampoLAOCSanta Anna
Brown Teams (3)3.5 km 100 m17 C
12:17:12Grumble and MumbleLAOC
23:30:52 (OT)Lady Bulldog VarsityLAOCCentennial
dnfTeam VlietstraLAOC
Orange (26)4.1 km 130 m17 C
150:30Clare DurandLAOC
21:09:08John KuechleLAOC
31:14:00Damon LeeLAOCTroy
41:20:00Nick HeLAOCTroy
51:21:12Matthew LeeLAOCTroy
61:29:46Kristin LuoieLAOCTroy
71:30:16Jaimie NgLAOCTroy
81:35:07Edward ThompsonLAOC
91:40:40Sushovan PyneLAOCTroy
101:45:46Victor RiveraLAOCSanta Anna
111:51:25Julio PerezLAOCEl Dorado
122:07:20Randall ReedLAOCEl Dorado
132:12:38Frank AlfdroLAOCSanta Anna
142:23:25Jossalyn EmslieLAOC
153:08:40 (OT)Karen SimonLAOC
dnfJoseph SaucedoLAOCEl Dorado
dnfJose Burciaga (2nd)LAOC
dnfJonathan MondragonLAOCSanta Anna
dnfKevin KimLAOCTroy
dnfAnthony CanoLAOCSanta Anna
dnfFranky GonzalezLAOCSanta Anna
dnfLuis CarapiaLAOCSanta Anna
dnfJoseph Saucedo (2n)LAOC
dnfChaffey EJLAOCChaffey
dnfCristobal GolgardoLAOCSanta Anna
dnfKatie WentzloffLAOCEl Dorado
dnfCasandra ZamudioLAOCEl Dorado
Orange Teams (3)4.1 km 130 m17 C
11:30:28La Habra 1LAOCLa Habra
23:56:13 (OT)Lady Bulldog JVLAOCCentennial
dnfBulldog JVLAOCCentennial
Yellow (12)2.5 km 90 m13 C
156:04John PhillipsLAOCTroy
258:00Jose BurciagaLAOCEl Dorado
31:29:36Samantha HookLAOC
41:31:18Mike NgLAOC
51:34:52Nancy KuechleLAOC
61:50:22Arline MateoLAOCTroy
71:52:30Ashley YeeLAOCTroy
dnfSamantha HookLAOC
dnfGabriela MerinoLAOCEl Dorado
dnfSamatha JimenezLAOCSanta Anna
dnfErik IbarraLAOCEl Dorado
dnfRaz Frimannone
Yellow Teams (4)2.5 km 90 m13 C
11:11:42Family FiveLAOCPalms/Short
22:09:14Santa Anna #1LAOCSanta Anna
32:29:36Golden TortoisesLAOC
dnfSanta Anna #2LAOCSanta Anna
White (11)1.9 km 60 m11 C
133:15Junha KimLAOCTroy
239:20Andy SuLAOCTroy
341:26Viet TranLAOCTroy
452:16Jonah YiLAOCTroy
558:53Maxim AlayeuLAOCTroy
61:02:35Jeffrey ChanLAOCTroy
71:34:48Jack TianLAOCTroy
81:37:00Ryan NgyuenLAOCTroy
93:17:17 (OT)Andus Van HaoLAOCTroy
dnfJustin FernandezLAOCTroy
dnfJeffrey YuLAOCTroy
White Teams (9)1.9 km 60 m11 C
131:50La Habra 5LAOCLa Habra
233:04La Habra 4LAOCLa Habra
446:45CHS TurtttlesLAOCChaffey
553:28La Habra 6LAOCLa Habra
dnfLa Habra 3LAOCLa Habra
dnfLa Habra 2LAOCLa Habra
dnfChaffey ROTC #3LAOCChaffey

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