Vasquez Rocks

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Red (11)5.7 km 290 m19 C
159:02Marc TriquellMLAOC
21:00:58Daniel SeboMBAOC
31:01:33Alexander KipermanMLAOC
41:06:33Lubomir SeboMBAOC
51:44:57Andrew TomlinMLAOC
61:59:00Eugene KipermanMLAOC
72:16:36Andy PearsonMnone
82:21:11Brad WeyersMLAOC
92:41:16Guillaume CalmettesFLAOC
102:54:08Pauline MorandMnone
dnfRachael AndrewsFLAOC
Red Teams (1)5.7 km 290 m19 C
12:10:37Searching for CatanMLAOC
Green (7)4.7 km 220 m15 C
142:52Joshua Yeaton (2nd)Fnone
21:15:45Richard DekanyMLAOC
31:17:29Steve TischlerMLAOC
41:31:07Steve SmithMBAOC
52:00:48Jay HannMBAOC
dnfSue DekanyFLAOC
dnfOlga KraghtFBAOC
Brown (5)3.6 km 160 m13 C
11:09:41Gary KraghtMBAOC
21:18:55Mike LoecherMLAOC
31:39:27Gene MasonMLAOC
mpJohn PhillipsMLAOC
Brown Teams (1)3.6 km 160 m13 C
11:24:08Bun RunFLAOC
Orange (1)3.5 km 135 m10 C
11:14:03Ryan DekanyMLAOC
Orange Teams (3)3.5 km 135 m10 C
151:45Outdoor DJMnone
22:00:25The SlipMnone
Yellow (25)3.0 km 90 m10 C
137:50Andy Mason (2nd)FLAOC
250:35Cygnus DekanyMLAOC
354:24Anthony MascolaFLAOC
41:25:08Sebastian Diego SernaMnone
51:29:02Ben Felson JAMSMnone
61:30:00Jon Felson JAMSMnone
71:30:48Nate Jaffa -- JAMSMnone
81:39:25Chiara Londono JAMSFnone
91:41:36Sabine SinesFnone
101:43:02Troop 97 Alex (2nd)Mnone
111:43:41Zeve AkerlingMnone
121:45:04Kaley JigamianFnone
131:50:38Yeidy CastellonFnone
141:51:52Henry SullivanMnone
151:53:14Lia Levin JAMSFnone
161:53:34Molly BradyFnone
171:54:36Aria CastellonFnone
181:57:33Tracy RossMLAOC
192:02:36West HarrisMnone
202:10:27Della TurnerFnone
212:38:44Mia Gobel JAMSFnone
dnfEvan Oxman JAMSFnone
dnfNayeli Lopez JAMSFnone
dnfEllis WheelerMnone
dnfClaudia GarciaFnone
Yellow Teams (16)3.0 km 90 m10 C
11:01:13New to LAMnone
21:31:44S and N Heidemann - JAMSMnone
41:49:34JAMS MetzMnone
51:52:53Slow PokesMLAOC
61:55:20Team UsulFnone
71:57:19Fay JAMSMnone
82:06:57Harvys TeamFnone
92:10:19Natalia Perdomo JAMSFnone
102:12:10Singer-Portnoy JAMSMnone
112:16:57BSA Troop 111Mnone
132:18:13Red Fred in the ShedMnone
142:26:42H and BubblesFnone
dnfM & M JAMSMnone
White (6)2.5 km 65 m12 C
135:31Andy MasonMLAOC
240:22Alex MasonMLAOC
344:52Susan TischlerMLAOC
41:09:56Vincent GaultFnone
dnfDaniel Sank (2nd)Mnone
dnfCaroline MurphyFnone
White Teams (19)2.5 km 65 m12 C
130:50Troop 97 J/DMnone
235:19Still AlivesMLAOC
339:02Troop 97 D/SMnone
441:37Troop 97 K/K/BMnone
546:41Troop 97 A/JMnone
652:02Shapes and BeatsMnone
81:04:04Troop 5721Fnone
91:04:53Twin PowerMnone
111:10:33Meme FriendsMnone
121:22:44Troop 97 D/NMnone
141:25:09Walking PhoenixsMnone
151:26:37Team LinderMLAOC
161:44:25Caythan RulesMnone
171:47:55Hoggs HollowFnone
dnfGirl Scout Troop 16471Fnone
dnfTeam GlendaleFnone

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