Vasquez Rocks

Thanks to everyone who helped out to keep this big meet running smoothly:

Meet Director/Assistant Course Setter: Clare Durand
Course Setter: Bruce Garbaccio
epunch: Rich Hoesly
Starts: Allan Pincus, Kim Pincus, Viktoriya Phillips
Finish: Bruce Garbaccio
Online Preregistration: Allan Pincus
On Site Registration: Scott Schmitz, Clare Durand
Greeter: Karen Simon
Instruction: Gary Dolgin
Control Pickup: Joel and Bridget Thomson, Rich Hoesly, Mike Reason, Troy NJROTC

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Red (9)  5.1 km 300 m  13 C
154:21Marc TriquellMLAOC
255:44Alexander KipermanMLAOC
31:18:33Mike ChinMLAOC
41:36:19Steve DurandMLAOC
51:42:29David WebberMHVO
61:53:26Eugene KipermanMLAOC
71:55:17Peter LawsonMLAOC
82:13:01Andy PearsonMLAOC
92:50:06Bridget ThomsonFLAOC
Green (22)  4.0 km 210 m  12 C
151:57Jacob HookMLAOCEldorado
257:07Joel ThomsonMLAOC
357:39John PhillipsMLAOCTroy
41:02:44Nick HeMLAOCTroy
51:03:14Allen HubschMLAOC
61:10:47Mike ReasonMLAOC
71:12:49Alain Zelim-VegaMLAOCEldorado
81:20:13Steve TischlerMLAOC
91:27:02Andy WangMLAOCTroy
101:28:59Todd HookMLAOC
111:29:37Allan PincusMLAOC
121:37:06Gene MasonMnone
131:38:05Scott MooreMLAOC
141:56:24Jonah YiMLAOCTroy
152:05:31Alfred SolimanMnone
162:17:05Luis AcevedoMLAOCEldorado
172:25:49John Phillips IVMLAOC
182:55:25RONNY SandvickMSDO
mpSergio DelgadoMLAOCEldorado
dnfSage (Ed) ThompsonMLAOC
dnfKimberly PincusFLAOC
dnfDamon LeeMLAOCTroy
Brown (10)  3.5 km 135 m  12 C
11:13:29Card AngelFnone
21:18:43Scott SchmitzMLAOC
31:32:47Casandra ZamudioFLAOCEldorado
41:36:25Jaimie NgFLAOCTroy
52:04:26C'Asia RayFLAOCEldorado
62:59:42Blake LaToufMHVO
dnfJames LyleMnone
dnfAnne MullinsFLAOC
dnfScott CobleMLAOC
dnfPatricia EliasonFLAOC
Brown Teams (2)  3.5 km 135 m  12 C
12:17:01Nautical NavigatorsMnone
Orange (23)  3.3 km 125 m  12 C
11:01:27Joseph SaucedoMLAOCEldorado
21:07:23Orlando BrizuelaMLAOCEldorado
31:11:59Denis MilovanovMnone
41:16:56Gabriel RojasMLAOCEldorado
51:17:17Junha KimMLAOCTroy
61:23:36John KuechleMLAOC
71:40:16Will Scott (2nd)Fnone
81:41:30Johanna Scott (2nd)Fnone
91:45:02Jeff LaunMLAOC
101:51:46Kyle ParontoMnone
111:52:38Andy MasonMnone
122:11:09Lorenzo RossiMnone
132:14:51Ryan Lee-NguyenMLAOCTroy
142:15:56Greg ShagamMnone
152:17:53Zachary OlsonMnone
162:38:54Evan TanMLAOCTroy
172:42:28Geraldo RamirezMLAOCEldorado
dnfJames WoffordMLAOCTroy
dnfRene DeynesMnone
dnfJoelyn WeathersFnone
dnfTracey RossMLAOC
dnfLorenzo HayesMnone
dnfGenesis SamaniegoFLAOCEldorado
Orange Teams (7)  3.3 km 125 m  12 C
21:29:38Clan ArmstrongFnone
41:56:30Not Lost Just ExploringFnone
62:10:50Polina and LeshaFnone
72:14:23Kostya and MishaFnone
Yellow (43)  2.5 km 95 m  12 C
132:00Wesley LowMLAOCTroy
232:54Brian PhanMLAOCTroy
336:50Jesse JamesMLAOCTroy
438:51Eric GMHVO
539:14Poll ConnerMnone
642:12Dimitri KouloumbisMLAOCTroy
751:24Alex MasonMnone
851:38Susan TischlerMLAOC
953:31Theodore Manuel - JAMSMnone
1053:33Alexander Mason JAMSMnone
1153:38Nathan ParkMLAOCTroy
1255:19Gary WongMLAOCTroy
1356:07Cecilia DoFLAOCTroy
1456:34Jessica TangMLAOC
151:00:58Porter Kingscote - JAMSMnone
161:02:18Yahir SantiagoMnone
171:07:49kate daviesFnone
181:08:08Kyle JiangMLAOCTroy
191:09:45Vivian Mardesich - JAMSFnone
201:12:52Penelope Lerner-JAMSFnone
211:14:27Henry SullivanMnone
221:16:16Abby Metz - JAMSFnone
231:18:20Karen SimonFLAOC
241:21:59Luke Blaney-JAMSMnone
251:22:04Mateo CastagnaMnone
261:22:10Jake Levin -JAMSMnone
271:22:11Isaac Chiang - JAMSMnone
281:22:27Stevie Lenkin - JAMSMnone
291:24:10Wayne CottrellMnone
301:25:12Mateo Haykinson - JAMSFnone
311:25:19Sabrina Glasser-JAMSFnone
321:31:05Nancy KuechleFLAOC
331:32:17Priscilla CasasFLAOCTroy
341:36:26Maximiliano Prieto - JAMSMnone
351:36:47Deva Bardach-JAMSFnone
361:38:02Nyah Bishop-JAMSFnone
371:46:06Suzanne LyleFnone
381:46:21Calvin Books - JAMSMLAOC
391:47:12Jet Hikers (2nd)Mnone
402:42:16Jasmine Martinez - JAMSFnone
412:42:19Brooke Merriam - JAMSFnone
dnfChristopher ArmentaMnone
dnfJorge GarciaMnone
Yellow Teams (28)  2.5 km 95 m  12 C
139:08Lost in the RocksMLAOC
239:17Team SloebisFnone
345:50Troop 7911 DFnone
548:19Troop 7911 AMnone
648:46Heidemann Fam -JAMSMnone
757:13Troop 7911 BMnone
858:31Supernova AvengersMLAOC
91:00:55Rialto 6Mnone
101:04:19Butt KickersMLAOC
111:14:45Zarin - JAMSMnone
121:22:43Trish and Andrew (2nd)Mnone
141:27:05Violet Bells - JAMSFnone
151:27:29Rialto 4Mnone
161:28:00Rialto 5Mnone
171:28:07Magie Martinez - JAMSMnone
181:31:40The BubsMnone
191:31:56Rialto 1Mnone
201:32:44No Directions NeededMLAOC
211:36:30Scooby DooMnone
222:14:43The ChaconsFnone
dnfRialto 2Mnone
dnfDaisy ChainMHVO
dnfCody's GirlsMHVO
dnfSupernova Avengers 2MLAOC
dnfNova AutobotsMLAOC
dnfTeam HeartFnone
White Teams (6)  1.8 km 45 m  10 C
127:00Troop 7911 CMnone
236:46Trish and AndrewMnone
336:51Rat HatMLAOC
442:57Little BeeFnone
51:07:33Jet HikersMHVO
61:15:45Camille's TeamMnone

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