Vasquez Rocks DIY Classic

February 20 - March 28, 2021
Saturday - Sunday

Vasquez Rocks Do-It-Yourself Classic courses with app based punching and streamers placed in the park.

This event is expected to open before February 20th and will stay open at least through March.

You will download and print the map and then use the MapRunF or MapRun6 app on your phone to verify that you are at the correct location. Streamers have also been placed in the park, so if you have trouble with the app or prefer to just run for fun, you can use those. We cannot guarantee that the streamers won't disappear.

Upon registering and accepting the waiver, you will be emailed a link to the map file. The single PDF contains all the courses. Each map includes the PIN code you will need to load the course in the MapRun app. You must print your own map. Maps are designed to print at 1:10,000 scale. Control descriptions are printed on the map.

Standard White through Green are available. Most courses are on the short side and stay in the northern part of the map near parking and the road.

Course punching is implemented with the MapRun app. There is a new version called MapRun6, but MapRunF should still work as well for now.
Instructions on using MapRunF (Thanks to Bill Cusworth of BAOC for letting us use his write-up)
MapRunF official website page

Important Notes for this event:
BE SURE TO SELECT AND LOAD THE EVENT IN THE APP BEFORE YOU ARRIVE - Once you arrive, you will be able to run the course if it is already loaded, but if cell service is poor, it may be difficult to download.
We also recommend that before leaving for the park, you hit the "go to start" button, zoom out, and check that the app shows a red dot on your current location. This indicates that the app GPS is working properly. If you don't have the red dot, check that the app has GPS permissions turned on and enough storage.
Similarly, you will need to make sure that your results upload after you finish.
Because of Map and GPS inaccuracy, you may need to move around a little near the control to get a punch. Don't worry about it too much. We can fix a missed punch later if you were in the right place and it didn't punch.
The Map is not perfectly georeferenced. We have adjusted the points in the app so they should punch at the proper feature, but this means that the circles shown in the app can be displaced from those on your printed map. You should navigate to the features shown on the printed map. Don't use the app as your map or you won't be looking in the right place.

Vasquez Rocks is our most technical map. Please choose a course that is suitable for your experience level.
This is the high desert. Please watch for dehydration. Bring water with you. There is no water placed on the course.
Cell phone service can be spotty here depending on your carrier. We recommend that you bring a buddy who will know if you finished safely. If you go alone, please make sure someone knows when to expect you home and has a copy of the map.

Link below is broken. Please email any questions to Clare Durand


Vasquez Rocks, Parking, Agua Dulce, CA

Saturday, February 20
8:00 am - 5:00 pmDIY Classic: Courses Open
Meet Director:Clare Durand
Course Setter:Bruce Garbaccio
Assistant Course Setter:Clare Durand
Location Details

Vasquez Rocks
Agua Dulce, CA
Google Map

Take the Interstate 5 north through LA to the north end of the San Fernando Valley. Most LA freeways converge onto the I-5 at this point (210, 405, 170, 118). Just a few miles north of the convergence, head East on Highway 14 (the Antelope fwy) and drive about fifteen miles, then exit at Agua Dulce Road. Go north a couple of miles. Follow the road as it turns right, continue past a stop sign* for 1/4 mile. Park entrance is on the right. Continue through park on the dirt road to the large parking area. Parking is FREE. (*turn at the stop sign for stores and restaurants)
Course Details
Course NameLength (km)Climb (m)No. Controls
White (Basic)1.5458
Yellow (Intermediate)1.74510
Orange (Advanced)3.110012
Brown (Expert)3.514510
Green (Expert)416511
Please fill out this form to register and accept the waiver. Links to the maps will be emailed to you after registering.

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Required Waiver

Minors attending without a parent must bring this required waiver filled out by their parent for each event or they will NOT be allowed to participate. Adults and parents with children may sign the waiver at the event.

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