Vasquez Rocks Saturday

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Red (15)5.6 km 0 m16 C
148:22Will HubschLAOC
21:14:42Marc TriquellLAOC
31:26:08Elina Bretonnone
41:29:33Guillaume Calmettesnone
51:30:30Steve DurandLAOC
61:34:17Michael Brunsnone
71:37:58Joel Grasmeyernone
81:42:02Alexander KipermanLAOC
91:45:24Allen HubschLAOC
101:48:57Luigi PerottiLAOC
111:51:35Richard DekanyLAOC
121:58:02Eugene KipermanLAOC
132:01:49Tizoc Cruz-GonzalezSMOC
142:11:28Joel ThomsonLAOC
dnfMegan SweasLAOC
Red Teams (4)5.6 km 0 m16 C
11:50:21Searching for CatanLAOC
22:14:36Allison and KimLAOC
33:29:24Off In The WoodsLAOC
dnfKara and MaddieLAOC
Green (5)4.8 km 0 m14 C
11:45:26Mariah Brunsnone
22:00:57Mike ReasonLAOC
32:05:08Scott MooreLAOC
42:46:02Steve TischlerLAOC
dnfMike ChinLAOC
Brown (11)3.7 km 0 m9 C
154:54Eyal BaruchLAOC
258:48Bruce GarbaccioLAOC
31:05:41Scott SchmitzLAOC
41:08:56Edward ThompsonLAOC
51:13:24Sigal Glassman BaruchLAOC
61:13:57Riley CurradoLAOC
71:21:15Jay Hannnone
81:37:16Mike LoecherLAOC
91:41:48David Hensleynone
102:04:41Blake LaToufnone
dnfWilliam SmathersLAOC
Orange (15)3.8 km 0 m12 C
11:17:38Ixchel Cruz-ganzalezLAOC
22:18:21Bethany ReichardLAOC
33:09:52Vienna Smith Murillonone
43:23:27Leo Linnone
mpJohn KuechleLAOC
dnfAdam Brunsnone
dnfCharlotte DekanyLAOC
dnfRebecca Brunsnone
dnfRyan DekanyLAOC
dnfKaren SimonLAOC
dnfCherry Ipnone
dnfDarren RobinsonLAOC
dnfJossalyn EmslieLAOC
dnfEd Sunnone
dnfSage CurradoLAOC
Orange Teams (7)3.8 km 0 m12 C
21:49:29Armstrong Clannone
32:49:48Team Disorientednone
43:37:10TLUSA CA-4673 Tremblaynone
dnfTLUSA CA-4673 Olmosnone
dnfCory and Lizanone
dnfHoney Badgersnone
Yellow (3)2.9 km 0 m13 C
11:35:00Susan TischlerLAOC
22:01:27Nancy Smithnone
dnfBecky ReichardLAOC
Yellow Teams (25)2.9 km 0 m13 C
11:13:42Dan Rubinatenone
21:14:26Team KLAOC
31:21:40Bomb Squadnone
41:29:28Covey Teamnone
51:31:22TLUSA CA-4673 Blumnone
71:38:37No Directions NeededLAOC
81:38:46Little CrittersLAOC
91:43:15TLUSA CA-4673 Shibatanone
101:57:51TLUSA CA-4673 Silvernone
122:00:07The Gamersnone
132:03:07Laurence Launone
142:10:17Troop 7911 Enone
152:23:05TLUSA CA-4673 (GAHBRO)none
162:24:14Deer HeadLAOC
172:29:34Jessica TangLAOC
182:40:49Bomb Cyclonenone
dnfTroop 2222 Patrol 3none
dnfBSA Troop 2222none
dnfTroop 7911 Anone
dnfBSA Troop 2222 Patrol 2none
dnfTroop 391LAOC
dnfTroop 92 #5none
dnfIvory TicklersLAOC
White (8)2.5 km 0 m10 C
151:19Clayton Jimminknone
21:01:38Mary Corroughnone
31:05:35Chris Jhawarnone
41:08:03Habib Kharratnone
51:10:26Steve Wolfnone
61:12:18Germaine Neumannnone
dnfLiza Eshilian-Oatesnone
dnfSebastian Fuentesnone
White Teams (17)2.5 km 0 m10 C
142:44White Course ChampsLAOC
243:14Troop 92 #4none
349:40Troop 92 #2none
653:58De Baetsnone
71:02:08Troop 292 - Bluenone
81:03:03Troop 292 - Greennone
91:16:44Troop 292 - Rednone
101:46:31TLUSA CA-4673 (Stanley)none
112:08:15Troop 92 #3none
123:00:27The Mountain LionsLAOC
dnfTroop 92 #1none
dnfTroop 7911 Bnone
dnfTroop 7911 Cnone
dnfTroop 7911 Dnone

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