What is Orienteering?

Orienteering is an organized sport for individuals, navigating a course by hiking or running to find your way through the trees and fields. Map Reading, Navigation and Route Choice are the key. Orienteering is a sport for everyone, regardless of age or experience. At advanced levels it is very competitive. Others, while learning, often go in small groups. It is done at your pace, whether you run or walk it's about the satisfaction of finding your own way.

Orienteering, the sport, is not GPS, is not backpacking nor Adventure Racing nor topo reading. It is not following a line with a compass and pace counting, although it will improve all those skills. It is detailed map reading and fine navigation using your best route choice. Courses are graded by their challenge to navigation skills. A good topo reader could possibly start with an Orange course, and stay with it until in top results for several events, learning skills along the way. There are categories for casual hikers through elite athletes. You can walk or run, just don't lose yourself! Bring a friend or family. And unlike many sports, at EVERY EVENT there are special courses for beginners.

Check out these old-school (but great!) and new-school and dramatic videos for more info.

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Required Waiver

Minors attending without a parent must bring this required waiver filled out by their parent for each event or they will NOT be allowed to participate. Adults and parents with children may sign the waiver at the event.

About LAOC

LAOC is a volunteer-run club promoting map navigation and enjoyment of the outdoors. Learn more here!

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